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Fic: Comfort Food with All the Trimmings (OT8, NC17)

Title: Comfort Food with All the Trimmings

Fandom: Rise of the Guardians

Pairings: OT8 (*deep breath* Bunnymund/Jack/Katherine/Nightlight/North/Pitch/Sandy/Tooth).

Author’s Notes: Basically… orgy fic. Fluffy, friendshippy, Jack POV orgy fic. With many, many thanks to whentheoceanmetsky for casually mentioning the idea of OT+ fic in a dark room where people could only see one another by Sandy and Nightlight’s natural glow.


Jack had never really asked if the others knew what he got out of moments like this, when it was just a group of them together in the dark, responsibilities temporarily cast aside. He figured they all had different reasons for indulging, given most of the Guardians fed off happiness in one way or another, but his own ties to it were perhaps the strongest; Jack lived for fun and mischief, and the ability to enjoy both with friends and lovers alike was a gift.

Nightlight’s shine and Sandy’s glow gave the room a touch of light, enough that Jack could make out an idea of what was going on, though Pitch’s shadows kept Sandy’s glow from burning too bright, especially where his hands gripped a soft, thick waist and dark tendrils threaded around short and grasping arms.

Occasional bursts flared out when Sandy’s cries took the form of obscene sand images, breaking through the shadows, but those too disappeared when Tooth bent forward over Sandy to kiss him, Bunny’s form barely outlined behind her, gold reflecting off the paler patches of his fur.

Jack could have joined them if he wanted to, but it was nice for a moment to sit back and just watch; his jaw ached from kissing and licking and sucking already, because he was always greedy at the start. It wasn’t as if he could help it - he still found it hard to believe everyone wanted him unless he’d had a chance to test that idea, feeling Tooth’s thighs clamp around him when he sucked on her clit, Pitch’s breath cold on his neck when they fucked, North’s fingers bruising his shoulders as Jack sucked him off.

He loved feeling loved, and once he’d had a taste of it from everyone, even if it was just through a quick kiss or a brush of fingers against skin, he liked to take a moment to drink in that feeling. The kisses and soft moans and occasional laugh or giggle as the others moved between one another felt like his to share, and sometimes he would close his eyes to enjoy just listening to the joy they found together.

He didn’t always get to indulge for long, though it depended on how preoccupied the others were. Pitch and Tooth had no need for rest, and Bunny’s stamina was fearsome, so they would sometimes drag him into the group again to exhaust him as thoroughly as possible once they’d had their fill of each other. Sandy had his back if he ever wanted peace, knowing instantly if Jack was done for the night and drawing the others away, or sprinkling a little dreamsand over Jack to help him drift off to sleep before he’d been fucked senseless, but there was something flattering about being so desired.

Sometimes stamina had nothing to do with it. Nightlight would always pay the most attention to Katherine, but Katherine was adventurous by nature and was frequently distracted by chances to explore Bunny’s fur, Tooth’s feathers, the ways in which Sandy and Pitch’s forms weren’t quite human. Nightlight would always turn to Jack first in those moments, loving Jack’s sense of fun, and Jack was just as in love with Nightlight’s laugh. Sometimes they would spend more time wrestling and tickling one another than they did actively trying to get each other off, and sometimes it was the tickling and wrestling that led to them coming, Nightlight’s thighs trapping Jack’s cock or Jack play-biting Nightlight’s neck and making him scream.

Jack tried not to have favourites, but the fact remained that while he loved all of them, he loved them all in different ways and sought different experiences with each of them. He loved to be held by North or Tooth - loved North’s bulk and generosity, and Tooth’s kindness and emotional wisdom. He loved making Bunny smile, bringing out the softness underneath his strength. He loved Katherine’s gentle hands and wicked tongue, and he loved Sandy’s warmth and inscrutability, loved that there was more to Sandy than he or anyone else knew. He felt safe wherever Sandy went, and knew others did too - they were all able to sleep soundly in Sandy’s presence, and it wasn’t just the dreamsand that gave him that ability.

He loved how he and Pitch fit together, sharp and jagged, how they opened each other’s wounds with a mutual understanding the others would never truly share because his and Pitch’s varieties of loneliness echoed. They healed each other in the ways they hurt together, and he would bite Pitch if he was on top, scratch him if he was underneath, and always end up wanting more. Pitch left him burning with hunger.

Nightlight he loved for his unpredictability. Nightlight’s shine wasn’t soft like Sandy’s glow, it sparked like electricity, and his touch left Jack feeling like he was full of static, ready to shock himself or others if he moved the wrong way. It was thrilling and exciting, made him feel alive, and although everyone had their own taste, Nightlight was the only one of them who Jack thought tasted alien. Jack half expected to be infected with light each time he kissed Nightlight, because he tasted like colour and smelled like rum, heady and impossibly sweet.

Jack sometimes felt like he could lose himself in the tangle of limbs they would all fall into together when they were through, once kisses became gentle and any touches were just for the sake of touching, but a reflection of Nightlight’s shine in Tooth’s feathers or Sandy’s glow in Pitch’s eyes would remind him how maybe that was the point. There weren’t just individuals here; they belonged together, and resting his head on Bunny’s stomach while Tooth’s fingers threaded through his hair, looking down at the gold and white light flickering across his skin while Katherine’s curls tickled his legs, being allowed to be part of that tangle…

It was proof he belonged somewhere, and Jack was happy to be drunk on joy among them all.


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