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tejoxys asked: Jackrabbit - kiss 3

[3 - sad]

Bunny takes these moments between them for exactly what they are; moments, fleeting and fast, hours passing like minutes instead of stretching out the way he wishes they would.

Jack is beautiful, his smile a bright and shining thing, full of wonder and hope and all the things they work to protect, and he is so, so young, always will be, and that youth will drive a wedge between them with time. Bunny’s known Jack’s sort before, trapped in their skin and unable to grow up entirely, and he knows that eventually his own age will wear Jack down, and if Jack doesn’t leave him in anger, then Bunny will have to be the one who leaves Jack for both their sakes.

He’d rather hurt Jack once than scar him forever.

But for now he has Jack in his arms, laughing between kisses, covered head to toe in streaks of colour from their chase through the warren, and Bunny focuses on that. He focuses on the blue of Jack’s eyes, the wet slicks of paint across his pale calves and the rough material of his leggings, the way his chest moves when he laughs. He focuses on the sound of Jack’s voice and the softness of his lips, the reassuring cold where Jack’s fingers find Bunny’s skin after pushing through fur.

He takes these moments for what they are. They’re his.

And Jack won’t always be.


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