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can someone . send me really really happy jAcksandy headcanons or ficlets or somrething to cheer m up

I’m a bit too tired for a full fic, but one sentence fics are always quite fun to do, so here are some for you (prompt words selected from set alpha on LJ). Eight for my 8(ot) <3:

Kiss - Sandy loves Jack’s lips from the moment he first sees them - they’re lips made for smiling, for laughing, for kissing - and each time he catches Jack smiling or laughing he’s glad they’re living up to their promise; when Jack’s smiles and laughs pause, and Jack lifts both hands to Sandy’s face, Sandy only has a strange little thought of finally before Jack’s lips keep their final promise with a kiss that makes Sandy’s knees weak.
Ears - Jack asks once why Sandy’s kind have ears if they never speak, and it’s a question Sandy doesn’t answer with his hands or with his sand; Sandy simply leans forward, presses his lips to Jack’s ear, and breathes, and it’s a lesson that leaves Jack shivering.
Melody - Jack doesn’t sing when he thinks someone can see him, but there are ways to listen without looking, and Sandy lets a dreamsand thread curl around a tree to eavesdrop on the sweet, quiet voice of his frozen boy.
Star - Sometimes Sandy will stare up at the night sky, going still and losing track of any conversation they were having, and the expression on his face breaks Jack’s heart; Jack likes to reach out to Sandy in such moments, holding his hands without blocking his view, and remind Sandy gently, “You still have me.”
Home - When Jack first says he’s moving into the North Pole, Sandy feels a jealous ache that he covers up with a smile, but the move does nothing to change how often Jack comes to sleep on Sandy’s cloud or brings him food stolen from a carnival, and Sandy soon realises there’s a difference between where Jack keeps his belongings and where Jack feels at home.
Lightning/Thunder - Jack’s memories are fragmented and lost for the most part, but he knows he loved storms as a child; watching the clouds from above with Sandy as they flicker and glow, he can see why they never left him afraid.
Innocence - Jack is frequently reckless with his powers, laughing as he freezes a phone line or causes a pipe to burst, and Sandy knows he should interfere with Jack’s vandalism just as North would, but he’s old enough to know one day Jack will have to grow up, and he has no desire to speed up the process.
Supernova - All gold comes from stars, Jamie tells Jack once, and Jack doesn’t doubt him for a second; there’s gold in Sandy’s hair and eyes, gold in his sand, gold in his silence, and Jack feels golden every time he touches Sandy’s skin.


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