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Mini-fic for luigigrivera!

@xxdaimonxx informed me that a prompt from @luigigrivera for a three sentence fic went astray, and that they were feeling down, so I’ve written a mini-fic to try and make up for that <3.

In which Lord Mansnoozie asks the Lady Proto out, after a fashion.


When they first met, Lord Mansnoozie decided he and the Lady Proto were meant to be enemies. They seemed too similar and too different in all the wrong ways, even if they had both been made for the night - her to blend into the darkness, and him to light a path through it.

The nature of their work meant that they were bound to run into one another from time to time though, and despite all better judgement, Lord Mansnoozie found himself charmed by her particular variety of strangeness. Lady Proto was elegant and eerie and didn’t look at Earth with human eyes any more than he did, and he liked how she never rushed a job; the fearlings and dream pirates that worshipped her were frantic creatures, but she was slow and insidious, taking her time building and perfecting each nightmare she bestowed.

It wasn’t long before he realised he wanted her company while chasing Earth’s setting sun, and he wondered how best to ask for it, knowing little about her and everything about what she created.

Inspiration struck when Jack casually mentioned her love of words during one of their catch-ups, and an idea formed as the boy left in a flurry of frost-bitten leaves.

He had expected a fight or a misunderstanding when he walked into the dark bower she sometimes took refuge in on clear nights, but she did not rise from her throne or order her subjects to attack, instead regarding him with heavy-lidded eyes as he approached.

“I don’t recall inviting you,” she said with her unreadable smile, and he smiled back, enjoying the shiver his instinctive fear of her brought on.

“A gift, dear Lady,” Lord Mansnoozie said, setting the book he had chosen for her at her feet - a book filled with stories of broken physics, eldritch deities and creatures, portals to other dimensions.

“In exchange for what?”

“The pleasure of your company, if I might be so bold.”

“Bold you are,” she said, standing up and stretching to her full height, her darkness seeming to sap even his own light from the room. She looked down at him, appraising him without changing her smile in the slightest, and Lord Mansnoozie straightened his back, standing as tall as his short frame allowed.

“If I can be bolder still, I think you are beautiful and terrifying. I would be honoured to kiss your hand.”

Her smile widened slightly at that, and she held out a hand that stole the warmth from his skin without having to touch it. “Kiss it, then.”

The bones in her fingers shrank back, leaving only hissing shadows behind, but Lord Mansnoozie was determined to prove his interest and gripped the writhing appendages as best as he could, bringing them to his lips and kissing what should have been a knuckle.

The bones returned, extending into claws that scratched his skin, and Sandy took the new challenge in stride, turned her hand over so he could press another kiss into her palm before letting go. “Thank you, my lady.”

“I’m not yours yet,” she cautioned, but she stooped to grab his waist with both hands and lifted him up to meet her eye level before smirking. “But you have potential. I’ll meet you on Tuesday night, above the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Impress me.”

He felt giddy with relief, dared to reach out and cup her face in his hands - not to kiss her yet, but to bring her closer, and press their foreheads together. He had read the dreams of adults and children alike for millennia, and even if he only crafted dreams of sweetness and light, he remembered well the dreams that would be more to her liking.

“I have such sights to show you,” he promised.
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