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Prompt: Dean/tentacles - noncon/dubcon, mpreg?
Dean as a breeder, completely horrified and disgusted at what's happening at first but then giving in and wanting more and more.

Cthlulu's a Romantic - Dean/tentacles - dubcon, attempted mpreg )

Prompt: 2014!Cas/2009!Dean; dub-con, drug use
Set during "The End"

2014!Cas longs for what he and 2014!Dean used to have (b/c you know they were together)
2014!Cas and 2009!Dean get stoned (shotgunning a MUST) and Cas tried to take advantage. His attempts start out sweet/gentle, but when 2009!Dean resists, Cas just takes what he wants.

What's Mine is Mine - 2014!Cas/2009!Dean; dub-con, drug use [1/2] )

Prompt: girl!Dean/Castiel
Dean's father is a powerful politician, and in a botched ransom kidnapping, Dean's younger brother Sam loses his life. So when Dean is mugged on her way home from work, Dean's father wastes no time in hiring someone to keep her safe.

But in this day and age, the rich don't hire bodyguards for protection. They hire angels.

Girl!Dean/Castiel with protection kink.

Responsible Driver Required: girl!Dean/Castiel )

Prompt: Misha/Mark Pellegrino, D/s
Neither Misha nor Mark(sha) can figure out who is the dom in this situation, but they're both pretty sure it's themselves.

Oh No You Didn't - Misha/Mark Pellegrino, D/s )

Prompt: Uriel/Castiel, bloodplay
Uriel/Castiel, bloodplay. Maybe something based around 4.16? Here's a screencap (http://i46.tinypic.com/vym6bo.jpg) from that ep to get you anons going.

NO non-con please as that squicks me, though dun-con is fine.

Uncovered Tastes - Uriel/Castiel, bloodplay )

Prompt: Dean/Castiel - 5.08, non/dub con, exhibitionism, 1st time
Variation on a prompt above:

Dean finds out where Gabriel zapped Castiel off to during "Changing Channels": he was trapped in a gay porn where he was playing an angel (complete with fake wings, and nothing else) caught by human 'hunters' (or 'demons' with red horns) and fucked in every possible way. In the video, it's non-con at first then Castiel clearly gets into it, sucking and fucking and licking and moaning and coming multiple times. Dean watches the entire video, possibly masturbating. Afterwards/later, Dean calls Cas to his motel room (Sam is off sky diving) and reenacts his favorite parts of the video. First time D/C, please.

Rewrite - Dean/Castiel - 5.08, non/dub con, exhibitionism, 1st time )

Prompt: Cop!Dean/Cas - AU, d/s, begging, handcuffs
Cas is trying to cover up for a few misdemeanors (up to author) that his brother (Gabriel? Michael? also up to author) is guilty of, so he goes to officer Dean and make a deal with him.

Abuse of Authority - Cop!Dean/Cas - AU, noncon/dubcon, begging, handcuffs )

Prompt: Dean/Cas, watersports, edging
Um. I feel kind of awful asking for this, but...

yeah, either one of them, don't care who, on the edge for ages, and can't tell whether he wants to come or piss more. with release, please, and no d/s

Easing the Ache - Dean/Cas, watersports, edging )
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Prompt: Dean/Cas, smoking kink
Castiel picks up smoking. Dean used to smoke. Sex and chain-smoking ensue. Lots of details regarding long fingers and smoke clouds and the smell and the taste of tobacco in someone else's mouth. Bonus points for whiskey drinking in bed, too.

Taken - Dean/Cas, smoking kink )

Prompt: Dean/Cas, hand gagging, risk of discovery
Dean and Castiel can't wait any longer. They're in Bobby's living room. Bobby's asleep next door, Sam's asleep upstairs. Dean has to gag Cas with his hand so Cas doesn't wake them up.

Last Minute - Dean/Cas, hand gagging, risk of discovery )

Prompt: Dean/Castiel, breathplay
I'll take anything, but I would love to see Dean jerking off and Castiel helping out with a hand against Dean's throat.

Simple Needs: Dean/Castiel, breathplay )

Prompt: Dean/Cas - weapon play, object insertion
Those big, shiny angel swords are probably multi-purpose, don't you think?

Weapon of Choice - Dean/Cas - weapon play, object insertion )

Prompt: Dean/Cas - weapon play, object insertion
Those big, shiny angel swords are probably multi-purpose, don't you think?

Reasons for Possession - Dean/Cas - weapon play, object insertion, bottom!Dean )

Prompt: weak!Cas/forced orgasm/fingering/noncon
When Castiel has to take the bus in TMTM, it's a particularly crowded ride that day. Weakened Cas can't fend off the hands that start to feel him up. Forced orgasm/s. Fingering. Non-con. No fucking though!

Hey Pretty )

Prompt: Sam/Dean, necrophilia
After Dean's killed by the hellhounds, Sam just can't say goodbye and bury him. He lays Dean out in the backseat and drives away, climbing in with him at night to 'keep him company'. Bonus points if he wraps Dean's arms round himself before rigor mortis sets in so when rigor does develop, it's like Dean's holding him.

Being already slightly less than sane, when he wakes up with an erection, using one of the hellhound rips in Dean's stomach for 'relief' doesn't seem so abnormal, not even a few days later, when Dean's body is becoming less-than-fresh meat.

Oh and if the lovely anon could somehow work in reference to Dean's pretty green eyes clouding over, I'd be the happiest pervert on the planet!

Dead men don't cheat - Sam/Dean, necrophilia )

Prompt: Dean/Castiel
Jimmy did gay porn back when he was in college and Dean finds one of his movies, where Jimmy is being fucked by a group of guys. Of course, now he can't stop imagining what's under that trenchcoat Castiel is wearing...

Part of the Process - Dean/Castiel, gay porn star Jimmy )

Prompt: Dean/Cas- exhibitionism
Dean really gets off on it when people walk in on him and Cas fucking. The more horrified the person is, the harder he gets off.

Take a Bow - Dean/Cas- exhibitionism )
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Prompt: Castiel/Balthazar: trueform sex
Castiel's true form is a prehistoric Megalodon (i.e. mega shark), while Balthazar's is a giant octopus. Their pheromones bring them together, resulting in a mating ritual of epic proportions.

Castiel falls in love in his true form!! )

Prompt: Sam/Dean - Dark!boys, Death, caught-in-the-act
John catches Sam and Dean in the act, decided to separates them by kicking Dean out, a huge fight ensues that turns physical and Sam or Dean accidentally kills John. They run away together.

Heroes - Sam/Dean - Dark!boys, Death, caught-in-the-act )

Prompt: Dean/Castiel
Dean gives the angel an enema and makes him hold it while he gives him a blowjob

I Would; Dean/Castiel, enema, oral )

Prompt: Sam/Cas: wing!fic, bondage (kind of), orgasm control/denial
Castiel's wings get in the way when he and Sam are getting it on (once shoving Sam out of the bed), so Sam convinces Cas to let him straps his wings back. This means Cas takes longer to come and Sam takes full advantage until Cas is begging and his final orgasm is so strong the wings break their bindings and Sam ends up getting a black eye or a broken arm or something.

Bonus if he has to explain to Dean how he came by the injury.

Unstable, Sam/Cas: wing!fic, bondage (kind of), orgasm control/denial )

Prompt: Ruby/Jo, noncon, toys
Ruby ties Jo down, plays with her pussy and her tits, and fucks her with whatever's around. Jo hates it but gets turned on anyway.

Irresistable, Ruby/Jo, noncon, toys )

Prompt: 2014!Cas/OMCs, 2014!Cas/2014!Dean, voyeurism, sloppy seconds
Dean spies on Cas getting gangbanged by several big beefy guys. After the OMCs leave Cas is just conveniently lying there, stretched open and slick with come, so Dean goes in and fucks him too.

The gangbang should be fully consensual but the D/C can be any level of consent.

Lost Myself Again - 2014!Cas/OMCs, 2014!Cas/2014!Dean, voyeurism, sloppy seconds )


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