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Because a certain someone (*cough* [livejournal.com profile] devilsduplicity *cough*) tagged me.
1.) Turn your iTunes (or whatever music player you use) and set it to shuffle
2.) For each of the first ten songs that plays, write the first thing that comes to mind.
3.) When the song switches over, you have to start writing something new.
4.) Post the resulting drabble-y bits in your journal, with the titles of each song you ended up using.
5.) Tag three people to do the same!

1. Clocks - Supernatural, Castiel-centric gen )

2. Everloving - Supernatural, light Dean/Castiel )

3. Dark - Sherlock, John/Sherlock )

4. Author Unknown - Digital Devil Saga, Heat-centric gen )

5. Love Song - Sherlock, John + Sherlock gen )

6. Inertia Creeps - Supernatural, Crowley/Castiel )

7. Drowned Abbey - Devil May Cry, Dante/Vergil )

8. Dream is Collapsing - Inception, Eames/Arthur )

9. Wounded Warsong - Silent Hill, light Alessa/Claudia )

10. Alessa's Darkness And Rose Become One - Supernatural, Dean/Castiel )
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One of my other buddies just got into the series and wrote fic for it and ASDFASDFAS IT IS AMAZING. READ IT. LIKE, NOW. IT'S GALE-CENTRIC. YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT GALE.




May. 4th, 2009 01:25 am
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Supernatural this week made me ;_; and then ;___; and then ;______; some more, and this is NOT ON. In accordance with this being NOT ON I have decided to UP THE HAPPY FEELINGS and also get some writing practise before Springkink by writing some WARM AND FUZZY FEELING snippets.


First ten people to comment here with a fandom and pairing that I write (y'all should have a rough idea by now, but don't worry if you're not sure, comment and ask!) will get an OBSCENELY FLUFFY fic/snippet/drabble depending on how inspired I am.

Yes, I know technically there're 50 million other things I could be working on right now, but I AM SAD AND SADDENED BY THIS WEEK'S SUPERNATURAL and need to make with the happy-making, damnit!
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(and yes, I blame you girls, miss [personal profile] nyxmidnight and [profile] qara_isuke, and you damn well know why!);

NC17 for yaoi, xenophiliac references and bad language
Crack pairing, oh GOD crack pairing like woah. I'd hate you guys if this wasn't so much fun
Digital Devil Saga 2 spoilers
Non-profit fanfiction

Grasping )
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Because today the single last thing I am interested in is doing any of that IRL working after serving Sparky McTwattypants on Tuesday;

Name a character I write/RP and I'll tell you how s/he lost her/his virginity.
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Title: Human Behaviour
Rating: PG12 for bad language, sexual references and violent references
Disclaimer: Non-profit fanfiction, this lot aren't mine.
Fandom: Digital Devil Saga
Dedicated to: [personal profile] nyxmidnight for general awesomeness aaaaaand as her Christmas fic :D.

Human Behaviour )

Speed fic!

Dec. 1st, 2007 01:33 am
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NC17 for everything ever
Non-profit fanfiction
Digital Devil Saga spoilers.
Dedicated; to Miss [personal profile] nyxmidnight :D.
Also; might make a bit more sense if you read the prequelish snippet first over here.

Feeling better yet hon? )
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I'm feeling accomplished.

But seeing as NaNo's still not finished, in the meantime, it's about time I did a catch-up on my commenty snippets!

DDS, sort of gen, spoilers to end of DDS2. )

Totally gratuitous, pointless, Seph/Cloud/Tifa (kind of done as a dare) )

Sirius/Remus angstypr0n )

One-sided Bell/Zexion. WTF AND I'M NOT KIDDING )

Gale/Cerberus. ... yeah. )

Gale/Harley )

I'm off to bed now. I'm *knackered*!
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(Also; detailed scientific peoples of the internet, please explain why deliberate use of bad grammar, poor spelling and CAPSLOCK ABUSE is addictive? Because it IS. And I fail to understand why stupidity is addictive. The prevalence of it, I get. The addictive quality, I don't.)

Doing Whatever a Cannibal Can - Author's Commentary )

*pokes more people over to http://emerald-embers.livejournal.com/522088.html to request commentaries oh please oh please I'm almost done with springkink and yaoi_challenge and I want things to do in my recovering from that mofo of a bug that's left me feeling squiffy even now, what a swine*
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Just thought I'd compile the odds and sods of comment!porn I've been posting all over the place the past few days weeks so that I'm not spamming my memories section as much.

Gale/Cielo and Gale/Roland foot fetish porn. )

Evil!Dean/Evil!Sam verywrongporn. )

MEGASPOILERY Dean/Sam kinda random practise porn. )

Zack/Sephiroth uke!Sephiroth porn. )

MGS, Snake/Otacon stuffs )

Sephiroth/Angeal/Zack gratuitousness, whee. )

Heat/Serph, Argilla/Jinana, Gale/Cielo, Varin/Bat and Lupa/Gale DDS snippets. )

Tseng/Elena very brief snippet. )

At last! A normal pairing! Kaworu/Shinji, Evangelion. )

Warcraft silliness, maybe a bit Tyrande/Jaina. )

And some Arthas/Kael smuts. Heeeeeee. )

Tee-hee! As Aeris might say.

Yes, this is actually 90% procrastination from the OHHOLYGOD fact that in under 24 hours my degree work is completed for good, provided I haven't drastically failed anything, and, yes, I'm bricking it.

And yes, I do have an awful lot of Dean icons, and by god I can't wait for my beloved Jane to catch up to the end of Season 2 so I can start using the spoilery ones.

ETA: No jumping to congratulate me just yet. I've decided to hand in my last piece of coursework a week late so that it isn't just a steaming pile of half-baked C# poo, given it's worth 100% of the module. I'm going to take the week to mould it into something worth closer to 60-70% so that I at least know I'll pass on handing it in, because as things stand, I would scrape 40%, and bollocked if I'm going to spend my summer resitting the module.

Oops XD

Mar. 22nd, 2007 02:00 am
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I was doing another one of my trolling posts over on pornandkittens ;), and um, it got a whee bit long, so I'm posting the whole thing here for fun and prosperity seeing as it ended up as more of an outright fic than trolly comments of porn ^_-.

Untitled Gale/Roland Digital Devil Saga thing! )
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I might maybe possibly have had a fit of "I am bored and my housemates are being mean :(" last night, and during this, I might maybe possibly have done that "Do drabbles for the five fics you'd be ashamed to write for anything but a meme" thing, and... yeah. Special hell. Very special hell indeed.

So not proofread, and not one worksafe fic amongst the bunch. Enjoy!

Supermajorspoilers for Digital Devil Saga 2. Hermaphroditism again. Oh dear. Spoilerific pairing to boot. )

Dungeons & Dragons the Cartoon fic with Shadow Demon/Venger smut references. BURNINATING YOUR CHILDHOODS LULZ. )

Devil May Cry tentacle fic. Griffon/Damien )

Prison Break fic. Older brother/younger brother incest and for a TV show fandom? Omg. Lincoln/Michael, oh dear. )

Illidan/Kael/Lady Vashj. Ahhaha. )

*leaps athletically into the handbasket to Hell*

ETA: You know you've been in the House fandom too often when you get asked to do a neuro-fuzzy simulator for a hospital and all you can think of is "If the patient has pie, test positive for lemon meringue and/or AIDS." And also, "It might be Lupus".



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