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Title: Focus
Fandom: Warcraft
Characters: Illidan and Kael; reference to past unrequited Illidan/Tyrande
Rating: PG
Dedication: Happy Christmas [profile] rabidmiacid!
Summary: When you've had nothing new to sense for millennia, it's easy to get distracted.

Focus )
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I'm still feeling down 'n' icky, but eh, so I'm doing a catch up post on my porn (and one not porn!) snippets again for fun.

Oh, jewelcrafting in World of Warcraft, you are ADDICTIVE.

FF12: Balthier/Fran, Balthier/Basch FF12 porn snippet, mmmm. )

FF12: Basch/Balthier/Fran porn snippet. More mmmm! )

KH2: Marluxia/Axel vine!porn. Oh, I feel *dirty*. )

MGS3: Very very quick and cracky Volgin/Raikov mpreg drabble XD )

MGS3: Volgin/Raikov stupidly sweet porn omg. )

Warcraft 3: Malfurion/Tyrande porn with added vines and nipple rings. )

Anywho. Guess I'm off to get some sleep, I feel nauseous :X. Probably should check the washing for dryness first so I'm not a total slacker.

*snuggles flist*

You guys are made of so much awesome and win, you really are.
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Just thought I'd compile the odds and sods of comment!porn I've been posting all over the place the past few days weeks so that I'm not spamming my memories section as much.

Gale/Cielo and Gale/Roland foot fetish porn. )

Evil!Dean/Evil!Sam verywrongporn. )

MEGASPOILERY Dean/Sam kinda random practise porn. )

Zack/Sephiroth uke!Sephiroth porn. )

MGS, Snake/Otacon stuffs )

Sephiroth/Angeal/Zack gratuitousness, whee. )

Heat/Serph, Argilla/Jinana, Gale/Cielo, Varin/Bat and Lupa/Gale DDS snippets. )

Tseng/Elena very brief snippet. )

At last! A normal pairing! Kaworu/Shinji, Evangelion. )

Warcraft silliness, maybe a bit Tyrande/Jaina. )

And some Arthas/Kael smuts. Heeeeeee. )

Tee-hee! As Aeris might say.

Yes, this is actually 90% procrastination from the OHHOLYGOD fact that in under 24 hours my degree work is completed for good, provided I haven't drastically failed anything, and, yes, I'm bricking it.

And yes, I do have an awful lot of Dean icons, and by god I can't wait for my beloved Jane to catch up to the end of Season 2 so I can start using the spoilery ones.

ETA: No jumping to congratulate me just yet. I've decided to hand in my last piece of coursework a week late so that it isn't just a steaming pile of half-baked C# poo, given it's worth 100% of the module. I'm going to take the week to mould it into something worth closer to 60-70% so that I at least know I'll pass on handing it in, because as things stand, I would scrape 40%, and bollocked if I'm going to spend my summer resitting the module.
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After the release of the World of Warcraft voiceclips (le sniff ;_;);

I couldn't resist writing an Illidan/Kael snippet. Again XD )
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I might maybe possibly have had a fit of "I am bored and my housemates are being mean :(" last night, and during this, I might maybe possibly have done that "Do drabbles for the five fics you'd be ashamed to write for anything but a meme" thing, and... yeah. Special hell. Very special hell indeed.

So not proofread, and not one worksafe fic amongst the bunch. Enjoy!

Supermajorspoilers for Digital Devil Saga 2. Hermaphroditism again. Oh dear. Spoilerific pairing to boot. )

Dungeons & Dragons the Cartoon fic with Shadow Demon/Venger smut references. BURNINATING YOUR CHILDHOODS LULZ. )

Devil May Cry tentacle fic. Griffon/Damien )

Prison Break fic. Older brother/younger brother incest and for a TV show fandom? Omg. Lincoln/Michael, oh dear. )

Illidan/Kael/Lady Vashj. Ahhaha. )

*leaps athletically into the handbasket to Hell*

ETA: You know you've been in the House fandom too often when you get asked to do a neuro-fuzzy simulator for a hospital and all you can think of is "If the patient has pie, test positive for lemon meringue and/or AIDS." And also, "It might be Lupus".

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Testing the Waters
By Emerald Embers
Rated PG-12 for yaoi and some saucy talk
Fandom: Warcraft III: Frozen Throne
Pairing: Illidan/Kael
Non-profit fanfiction, please don’t sue.
Prompt: (15/21) Drink, prompt from my mum ^_^
Notes: I can’t remember if a particular potion in this is referenced in the game or just World of Warcraft, so apologies if it hasn’t and you’re confused. Equal apologies to anyone who plays WoW and is left going ARGH, YOU DEFILING COW after seeing how said potion is applied, although in all fairness, it was my male online flirting partner who came up with the idea!

Testing the Waters )
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Rating: PG. Mostly harmless.
Fandom: Warcraft III: Frozen Throne
Disclaimer: Non-profit fanfiction.
Notes: Gen-fic, because Kael wasn't in the mood for anything else at the time ;). Some insinuation of het. Also a little aimless, mostly because there's a plethora of epic Warcraft III stories out there already ^_-.

Antihero Angst T.M. - simply the best! )


Feb. 8th, 2004 02:01 am
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Rating: PG for mild yaoi and mild violence
Pairing: Kael/Illidan
Fandom: Warcraft III: Frozen Throne
Disclaimer: Non-profit fan-fiction. Blizzard, I apologise for slashing these very slashy elves of yours.
Notes: I've been meaning to get this couple out of my system for months. Now it is done. Hurrah.

Glad to see I've corrupted another of my brother's favourite games. Commandos... you are not next. You suck. )


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