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You wouldn't think a children's movie that opens up on what is pretty clearly a drowned guy would turn out to be one of the cutest, sweetest, warmest, loveliest movies ever, but it is. And the fandom? Also one of the cutest, sweetest, warmest, loveliest fandoms ever. With a more than healthy dose of crack to its name.

So, where better to start than with a miniature picspam? Nothing spoilery, just a few shots to set up how damned pretty the film is.

Where better indeed. )

It isn't just the imagery either that makes the movie gorgeous. The music is stunning too, and I've included two of my favourite tracks below.

Please note that the "Jamie Believes" song there, the second of the two songs, makes me cry every single time I hear it because of its context in the movie. It's gorgeous.

As to the books? Well, cruelly, they're not finished yet. And the last one just ended on a cliffhanger. And we have to wait until AT LEAST SEPTEMBER to find out what happens next.

However, they're conveniently split into two sets - the "Guardians of Childhood" series, which are novels aimed at fairly young, but not toddler children (think the first Harry Potter book), and the "The Guardians of Childhood" series, which are picture-books that are so pretty I could cry, and don't follow a strict timeline. The picture-books are like Van Gogh's Starry Night had a one-night stand with Steampunk and created beautiful children, they are glorious and the best investment I've made in forever. The novels are fun and playful and have two additional characters who aren't in the film that are wonderful; Katherine, who is an adventurous and book-smart young girl who I adore for being a girl written like a girl and not penalised for it, and Nightlight, who is a mostly-mute fairy-like boy. Katherine and Nightlight have a bit of a Peter Pan and Wendy thing going on, and I love it.

I wish I had more time to go into why the fandom for the movie is also incredible, but I don't think I could do so without spoiling the source material and honestly, in this one case, I don't want to spoil people. I want people to run out and try it and love it.

The movie is beautiful, the books are beautiful, and I think we all need to believe sometimes. Not necessarily in a higher power. Not necessarily in fairies and yetis and elves. Not even necessarily in Santa Claus.

But in something. In better things. And it's not bad to have a movie that shows you there's nothing wrong with hoping for the best. <3
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Almost forgot that I did this meme! Just neglected to finish posting the photos AFTER uploading them. Also, you're welcome to ask for more pictures/explanations if anything begs further investigation ^^.

Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in/curious about - it can be anything from my favorite shirt to my books or my home. Leave your request as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them in a post. That way, you get to know a little bit about my life.

A mini picspam of my life! )
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Two Really Good Reasons To Watch

Picspam dedicated to [personal profile] lantern without whom I would never have taken an interest in this movie omg.


The beginning, in which Paul Bettany is allergic to shirts. )

Angels who are totally making the beast with two backs and four wings. )


Given I don't do any fancy colouring or anything that makes me feel possessive of my caps, you're more than welcome to nick the caps for your own nefarious (or otherwise) purposes.
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OKAY, Okay, I am doing this, because I've done a "OMG GUYS WATCH THE SHOW/KEEP WATCHING THE SHOW IT'S AWESOME" post for Stargate: Atlantis and haven't repeated the favour for Supernatural because I love it so much THERE AREN'T ACTUALLY WORDS FOR IT but in this post I will valiantly attempt to find some close equivalents.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for all five seasons up to 5x04, will cripple a dial-up connection, and does not contain Yo Momma jokes.

You love this show too and you know it. Also, this is VERY LONG. )
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Due to the :( of being ill I thought I'd get on with something :D again, and something that requires very little concentration at that.

We've already had Man, Hot Things Are Awesome To Look At Part One: Real Dudes!, so now it's time for:

Man, Hot Things Are Awesome To Look At Part Two: Real Ladies! )
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(Long and short of it, the car decided to act as if someone had kicked it in the gonads, so we're not going on holiday until tomorrow :(. Or, well, technically later today.)


To distract myself from the :( of this, and because it gave me something to do, I put together a little something. Or, er, a rather large something. Parts two and three (women and fictional people) will be coming at a later date sometime AFTER this holiday (please God). So, without further ado:

Man, Hot Things Are Awesome To Look At Part One: Real Dudes! )
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[personal profile] eternalwings did not know of the sheer epic glory that is Misha Collins for she is not into Supernatural. I intend to rectify this tragedy.

Behind the cut; visual reasons why this guy is a serious babe. I'm not even going to bother with lengthy textual reasons (HE BUILT HIS GODDAMN HOUSE) because (HE GOT SMUGGLED INTO TIBET) we'd (AND INTERNED AT THE WHITE HOUSE) be (AND HAS BUILT AND SLEPT IN AN IGLOO) here (AND IS A PUBLISHED POET) all (AND OWNED A SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY THAT HE GAVE UP TO DO ACTING) day.

Fap fap fap unf unf unf. )
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Normally I don't do episode picspams, but really, with all the whumping and delicious torture and really funny mid-fight faces in this one meant I HAD to. Not too much plot to this picspam; mostly pretty-or-awesome-or-both gentlemen beating each other up. Oh, and unexpected awesomeness from the usually weak female characters.

Great big spoilers for 4x16, obviously!

Feel free to pinch caps for icons, etc, I'm not claiming ownership of anything here!

Mmm, angels and demons and torture, oh my! )
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Only a short one, but I'm between stories and wanted something to do, so without further ado:

The Secret of Monkey Island: The Picspam!

phew )

And for further entertainment, a sample of the game's soundtrack <3. Old school love!

Rapidshare link
YouSendIt link
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There's pretty. Boy pretty and girl pretty and creature pretty and awesome.

And crack.


Why everyone should watch Stargate: Atlantis - the picspam. Spoilers up to and including 5x19 (Vegas). )

So, NaNo?

Nov. 11th, 2007 09:15 am
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Got to 7300 words on NaNo today so I'm 200 words short of being a day ahead, woo, and despite today having had a lower production rate than yesterday I'm pleased as pie because the stuff I did I REALLY REALLY LIKED. Ye gods, Vorador and Janos are killing me. I think my heart actually started bleeding at one point. I ache for them.

ANYWAY: If anyone's interested in reading the NaNoWriMo when it's done (or just interested in learning more about the Legacy of Kain series in general/refreshing their memory), a) given the story itself is about events we never saw in the games, only vaguely heard described, pretty much all the background you'll need to understand the story will be covered in it anyway, and b) as I love to pimp the series out, it's resource time! :D

1) If you are *really* bored and/or *really* patient, here's a link to (as far as I can tell) JUST ABOUT EVERY SINGLE CUTSCENE FROM THE SERIES: Dear Joudas, ILU.

2) Scripts for each game: Blood Omen script, Soul Reaver script, Soul Reaver 2 script, Legacy of Kain: Defiance script and, for completion's sake, Blood Omen 2 script (which can be disregarded as Alternate Timeline, really).

3) My 'ship manifesto' for Vorador and Janos: So, why do I support this pairing so hardcore?

4) Silvereni, I love you; added to this list of resources, the one thing that has saved my backside over and over again when writing LoK fic in general - a map of Nosgoth. I think it's quite possibly one of, if not the, most useful resources around for Legacy of Kain in general.

5) Last but not least, behind the cut, pictures of major players from the NaNoWriMo (although I should note that all the pictures showing characters faces are of the characters when they're about as old as they're going to get, and I'm writing about them when they were much, much younger). Amusingly enough I'm not including the series protagonists (Kain and Raziel) as they're not alive in the part of history I'm going into:

Woo, people! )


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