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[profile] team_free_love pinch hit is complete, [profile] sassy_otp pinch hit is complete, [community profile] go_exchange fic is complete, and two podfics are complete :D!

(If anyone's interested in the podfics, they're both SPN; Life Used to Be So Hard is gen, and Some Wishes Are Worth Waiting For is Dean/Sam Wincest.

Now just to get the [profile] deancas_xmas and [community profile] holmestice assignments out of the way, plus the last two fics and one podfic owed for charity, and I'm FREE.

... so why am I considering signing up for Yuletide?


SOLEMN VOW: NEXT YEAR, NO CHALLENGES. I've got three epics that are poking me for attention and I'm determined to get them done, damnit, not to mention show my flist some love <3.
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:D :D :D :D :D

[personal profile] speccygeekgrrl is AWESOME and recorded a podfic of Exodus for me :D! Uriel/Castiel podfic, omg, and her reading is SO GOOD. It's clear and she just gets all the tones and inferences right and I am happy as could be!

In related news I'm a little concerned that my intentions to start clearing out my podfic-recording backlog tomorrow may wind up scuppered by the fact I have a cold threatening. I shall have an early night to do battle with the germs tonight, but tomorrow morning will see for sure whether victory is likely or not.
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Title: Mission Control
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: PG13 for bad language and references to sex.
Word count: 1491
Summary: Trying to find God wasn't just about looking.
Author's Notes: Written for the prompt "Cas discovers his favorite food, which is either really weird, rare or expensive". Also, if [livejournal.com profile] scarletsherlock had a like button, I would have RSI from clicking it too often. LOVE YOU BB.
Other formats: Now available as podfic courtesy of [personal profile] speccygeekgrrl!

Mission Control )
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I'm offering some podfic readings for [community profile] help_pakistan, because if I'm honest, I'm up to my eyeballs in owed fanfic and it'd be rude to add anything else to my owed fanfic list until I've at least got the SPN rare pair and the Hellboy gulf aid fics out of the way. I'm determined to wipe the slate clean so I can actually relax and write completely gratuitous Sherlock gen and/or porn (everything I want to write for it currently falls into the categories of "aren't brains interesting" or "SEX EVERYWHERE").

So, if you fancy having something podficced, or just want an excuse to listen to me talking about tentacles/boobies/cocks/omg gen, bid away :D!


Jan. 17th, 2010 01:19 am
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Second result of that podfic meme, recorded for [profile] thevinegarworks:

Podfic: Download link

Original fic here: Rises and Falls - the recording is up to the end of Castiel's turning, because I'm mean that way ^^.


Jan. 16th, 2010 04:38 am
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First results of that podfic meme, recorded for [personal profile] unavoidedcrisis:

Podfic: Download link

Original fic here: Just a Slip of the Tongue
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Just plowed through and did a whole bunch of short podfics and omg, new hobby, because that was FUN. Did one for Britta, one for Nyx, and these two in addition to the silly one I did earlier:

I Will Leave You With Bruises from here.


Minutes to Midnight from here.


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Have just acquired that audacity recorder and a £5 microphone and I'm having SO MUCH FUN playing around with it. If I manage to persuade the file I'm trying to make to not chipmunk I'll upload it later :D.

ETA: Just going to test it on my dad's computer but I think I've done it! Look You Just Can't Sneak This Stuff Past God, originally posted as a fic on Mishaland and then here of course, because really, when it comes to playing around with new things, it's best to actually play XD.

*runs to test :D :D :D*

And this ETA cut for Supernatural 5x01 spoilers, mild though they be. )



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