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Today I had a customer whose first name was Brimstone. How awesome is that?

I also had a funny call where two guys kept passing the phone between themselves for diagnostics and at the end one of them grabbed it to say, "No, I, I just wanted to say I love you. Thanks, bye!", so I spent most of the afternoon giggling.

Thus far this evening I am not disappoint, especially given I just worked out this weekend I'm finally, finally free to do whatever I want on Saturday; my intentions largely revolve around free nachos, writing (my goodness do I need to catch up), and Sam Worthington's thighs. By which I mean Clash of the - oh, who am I even kidding, the movie should just be outright named "In which Sam Worthington has thighs and they are awesome". Not that Sam Worthington doesn't have other awesome assets, I adored him in Avatar where it was all about the just as yummy upper body in his human scenes and I adored him in Terminator: Salvation where he was covered up, not to mention the fact the guy can act and that is attractive, but. Come on. DELICIOUS MAN THIGH.

And while I'm at it, that handwriting meme: )

... WHAT

Jan. 26th, 2010 10:25 am
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One of the guys on my team at work just received the best email ever received from any customer ever.


"As well as this quite randomly last night I went in my front room to find that my interwebs had fallen out of the computermebob and I can't find them anywhere, and the picture box isn't showing any flicker shows either, so i've lost both of these as well as the ring-dinger not ring-dinging.

The modem has all of it's lights flashing quite quickly and randomly that led me to suspect it was taking some time out to enjoy a little rave so I sat in front of it with a whistle and some glosticks waiting for the laser show and generic Scooter tune but neither appeared, so i'm now unsure if these lights mean it's having a silent disco or just waving to get my attention.

The picture making box attached to the tele shows a pretty Virgin media logo when it's not flicking between black and slightly less black screens, and the front bit keeps saying AP- *random number*. At first I thouhgt this may be a countdown to something spectacular, then I realised the numbers are not in sequence, jumping from 35 to 52 like some vaudeville numerical rebellion.

I have tried a few little tricks I use when my pet rats aren't doing what I want them to and sat in front of the box with a piece of cucumber held out in front of it and gently cooing "it's ok darlin....come one". Needless to say this has proven a fruitless endeavor.

Could you please advise the best course of action as I fear if this situation is the same when I get home, with no interwebs and no flickershows, I might be forced into a conversation with my flatmate, and neither of us want that to happen

Thanks in advance"
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I don't think this meme could have been much more perfectly timed for me because I've been (except for a break to watch Supernatural) largely rather miserable this week, and I've rarely wanted more to pause and just take a step back and look at something like this.

I've rewritten this post numerous times now to try and nail this down, and it's not really working, so I'm going to just type this as it comes regardless of the mess.

What gives me hope; srs bznss! )
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The journey home made today worthwhile with swans and courtesans.

The courtesans were a Moulin Rouge themed Lush pamper night, although I could only drop in for a fly-by visit, but that didn't matter because woohoo, face full of cleavage everywhere; and the swan was... rather surreally beautiful, marvellous, and outright weird.

On one of the busiest streets in Liverpool city centre, a swan had just wandered out onto the road, minding its own business and ignoring everyone else's, stopped in the middle of the road, and started grooming itself. And didn't stop. Completely unruffled by the cars having to inch around it; completely ignoring the car beebs, or people getting out to try and shoo it; it just wasn't having any of it. And when it was done having a mid-road groom, it waddled very, very slowly across the remainder of the road, hopped up onto the pavement, and continued to groom itself.

It was gorgeous, and completely nuts.


Mar. 24th, 2009 01:11 am
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Oh man, I really wish I'd caught the name of the woman who was on the train with me this morning; I haven't come across someone so needlessly selfless in months. Seriously; she gave up her seat on the train for me, then when the train got cancelled, she offered me her arm to help me off the train, nattered away to me after clearing a path to the train station seats, then offered me her arm again to get back on the train! Admittedly, yes, I was using a crutch because my left foot is twice its usual size, but still!

There was no reason for her to be so nice; she was just needlessly awesome.

I hope karma pays her back for that :), she deserves it!


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