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- They Are. We Wish They Weren't
The Avengers deal with their greatest PR disaster of all; hot alien incest. Loki/Thor, R

Avengers RPF
- Compelling
Jeremy gets curious about Tom's whip; Tom offers to demonstrate. Jeremy Renner/Tom Hiddleston, NC17
- White Flag
Pure PWP - Tom likes how Chris looks when tied up. Chris Hemsworth/Tom Hiddleston, NC17

Black Cat
- Not My Bloody Valentine
PWP smut with a gratuitous side-order of milk. Creed/Train, NC17

Cardcaptor Sakura
- Habitual Behaviour
A happy ending with one of Clamp's few non-dysfunctional couples. Yukito/Touya, references to Touya/Yue: NC17

Devil May Cry
- A Certain Type of Man
They both cope with their grief differently. Vergil/Dante: R
- Beginnings
Any relationship has to start out somewhere. Griffon/Nightmare: PG
- Completion
After the world ends. Vergil/Dante: NC17
- Five Things That Never Happened to Nightmare
Five short snippets revolving around one artificially engineered demon. Griffon/Nightmare, Vergil/Nightmare, reference to Vergil/Dante: PG13
- Freedom From Disturbance
Crossover with Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Dante brings home a guest; Vergil approves, eventually. Vergil/Dante/Naoki: NC17
- In a League of Their Own
Some things are worth fighting for. Dante/Vergil: NC17
- Innocence
He'll never be like other demons. Griffon/Nightmare: PG13
- Internal
Late night musings and an unexpected surprise. Griffon/Nightmare: PG
- Not an Afterglow Sort of Guy
Dating a psychic isn't as fun as it sounds. Dante/Futomimi: PG13
- Out of the Ordinary
Not completely a fairytale beginning. Sparda/Eva: PG13
- Perks of the Trade
Should have known sleeping with a demon would be different. Sparda/Eva: NC17
- Quirks
A demon with an unstable body was always going to be a peculiar lover. Griffon/Nightmare: R
- Tension, Terror and Tedium
Dante always knew he'd see the world end, he just didn't know how much he wanted it to. Vergil/Dante: PG13
- Theirs to Have
It was the guns' fault. They looked so fucking good in Vergil's hands. Vergil/Dante: NC17

Digital Devil Saga
- A Sort of Understanding
They were never designed to be friends. Heat/Gale: PG13
- Alternatives To Pillow Talk
Sometimes even Cielo wishes Gale would shut up. Gale/Cielo, references to Cielo/other Embryons: NC17
- Balance
He'd never felt such a powerful sense of belonging. Embryon/Roland, PG
- Core Programming
It's hard to be the sane one. Gale/Cielo, Gale/Bat, Gale/Lupa, David/Angel, Gale/Seraph: PG13
- Cycles
Waiting to be executed is a strange feeling. Heat/Serph: R
- Dance of the Daring
Crossover with Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Naoki's in a different world to the usual and isn't happy about it. Mild Serph/Demi-fiend, reference to Demi-fiend/Pixie, Demi-fiend/Cu Chulainn: PG
- Doing Whatever A Cannibal Can
Crossover with Supernatural. "Don't drop anything on the car." Heat/Dean: R
- Echoes In Eternity
What if things had gone differently? Lupa/Gale/Roland: NC17
- Fading
There was no world where Serph would have moved. Serph/Heat: NC17
- Grasping
My DDS girlies demand a crack-threesome, they get a crack-threesome. Gale/Harley/Adil: NC17
- Human Behaviour
They're not human and Adil wishes Roland would recognise that. Adil/Roland, references to Roland/Embryon, Embryon/Embryon: PG13
- In Motion
Before the virus, Gale hands Serph something to look at; they all get confused, sometimes. Serph/Heat: NC17
- Not In This Life
You look at me like I'm the strange one. Gale/Demi-fiend, reference to Lupa/Gale: PG
- Relief
Even an A.I. can spot unresolved tension. Gale/Roland, mention of Gale/Cielo and other Lokapala/Embryon combinations, NC17
- Scents and Sensibility
It's all foreplay to him now. Varin/Bat, NC17
- Stability
Gale never concerned himself with worrying. Gale/Cielo: PG
- Stripped
They're inhuman, no denying that. Roland/Gale, references to Gale/Embryon, Gale/Lupa and Roland/Argilla: NC17
- Uncertainty
Even they aren't sure why they work. Gale/Cielo, Gale/Lupa references: PG13
- Unsympathetic
Everyone has their own memories. Jinana/Bat, Varin/Bat: NC17
- Untitled
They both missed the same man. Gale/Roland, references to Gale/Embryon, Gale/Lupa: NC17
- What You Think You Know
In an awkward situation, Gale finds Lupa preferring to offer assistance over taking advantage. Gale/Lupa: NC17
- Whole
Crack-pairing angst, for my DDS ladies. Gale/Harley, reference to Gale/Lupa: NC17

Doctor Who
- A Well Deserved Rest
A little coda for the episode "The Next Timelord", because the Doctor damn well deserves a little love and attention! Jackson/Doctor, R
- Lose Control
So, I accidentally called part of the third series' ending. With a twist or two. Master/Doctor, PG
- Tension, Terror and Tedium
Multi-fandom fic. Fleeting, silly drabble. No pairings, PG13
- What Do You Think?
He pretends not to need anybody, but it isn't entirely the truth. Jack/Doctor, references to Master/Doctor, PG

Dragon Age
- Cause and Effect
Every nickname has its origins, some more obvious than others. Isabella/Merrill, R

Dungeons & Dragons: The Cartoon
- Game Over
After the kids go home. Shadow Demon/Venger, Hank/Diana: PG

Final Fantasy IX
- Discomfort
Blank gets stuck looking for a man with one leg a silver tail. Blank/Zidane, PG
- Fond Farewell
Time to say goodbye. Kuja/Zidane, PG
- Melody
Banter and dancing under Treno's night sky. Kuja/Zidane, PG

Final Fantasy VII
- A Little Bit Unexpected
Bodyswitch fic; he'd never seen him from this angle before. Cid/Vincent, R
- A Little Liquid Courage
The morning after the night before. Rude/Reno, Cloud/Tifa, R
- Actors on a Stage
A PWP wherein necrophiliac themes and pretentiousness abound. Sephiroth/Vincent, NC17
- Applications of Logic
Reno, Rude, and promises made over a bomb. Reno/Rude, PG13
- Breaking With Routine
Wherein Cloud is a dork and Tifa spittakes. Cloud/Tifa, PG13
- Change
Zack's sort of affection is strange to come to terms with. Sephiroth/Zack, Zack/Cloud, references to Zack/Aeris, PG13
- Close Contact
Momentum's an irresistable thing. Loz/Tifa, R
- Decisions, Decisions
Two lovers and two different paths; Vincent reflects on the past and the present. Cid/Vincent, Sephiroth/Vincent, R
- Deeply Surprising
A change in plans can be a good thing. Sephiroth/Zack, NC17
- Evil Hetero Desires
Genderswitch fic; Cid has no complaints about Vincent's new appendages. Cid/Vincent, NC17
- Fluff
A friend who recognises the needs of a drunkard is a friend indeed. Zack/Cloud, references to Zack/Aeris, PG
- Going For Broke
Some jobs start with a bang. Rude/Reno, NC17
- I Never
Crossover with Legacy of Kain. What do you do when the first challenge you've had in your life comes from a black and blue monster? Janos/Sephiroth, R
- Loyalty
After the blast at the Shinra building, how everyone fitted together became pretty clear. Tseng/Rufus, Tseng/Elena, Elena/Rufus, Rude/Reno and mild Reno/Elena, PG
- Not Really His Day
Deep down, Vincent's a conniving bastard. Cid/Vincent, Cid/Shera, PG13
- Pinions (The 'What Are You For?' Remix)
Laylah's story Pinions remixed for the remixredux challenge; tripletcest with added Zack. Loz/Yazoo/Kadaj/Zack, R
- Reassuringly Expensive
For dentedsky's request - Loz and Yazoo find each other at the Sector 6 Wall Market; Loz is a boxer and Yazoo is a whore. Loz/Yazoo, R
- Secrecy
Hermaphrodite fic; Yazoo's been keeping something from the others, but Loz doesn't mind. Loz/Yazoo, NC17
- Something Old, Something New
Being a hero is tough work sometimes. Cloud/Zack, R
- Twists and Turns
Crossover with Kingdom Hearts. In which Reno bumps into his videogaming twin and steals all the best lines. Axel/Reno, suggested Rude/Reno, Roxas/Axel, NC17
- Uncross Your Fingers
An experiment in dialogue-only fic; Cloud's getting haunted without his permission. Sephiroth/Cloud, references to Zack/Cloud, Sephiroth/Zack, PG
- Untitled
A slightly odd take on what might have happened if Lucrecia and Vincent had met some time post-FF7, based off the original game. Lucrecia/Vincent, PG
- Value
Sephiroth reminiscing about what made Zack special. Sephiroth/Zack, PG
- We Have All the Time in the World
Gratuitous necrophiliac PWP, written to challenge my belief up until that point that there are things I cannot write. Hojo/Vincent, NC17
- Worse Things Happen At Sea
Hell and high water was a literal expression, or so it seemed. Cid/Vincent, R

Final Fantasy X
- Fixed
He's never felt this way before; never thought he would know how. Tidus/Yuna, PG13
- History Repeating
It isn't the first time a Guardian and their Summoner have fallen in love. Tidus/Yuna, Auron/Braska, R
- The One Who Goes
Braska knows sacrifice doesn't always begin with oneself. Auron/Braska, PG
- The Pros and Cons of Suffering
Not every fight ends with dignity. Auron/Braska, PG13

Final Fantasy XII
- Questionable Measures
Basch, though many things, was not a morning person. Basch/Balthier, NC17

Galerians: ASH
- Gone
Loneliness is subjective. Pat/Ash, Ash/Rion, PG13

Good Omens
- Benefits
Living with Pollution is everything it's cracked up to be - i.e. a pain in the arse. Pollution/Crowley, slightly implied Aziraphale/Crowley, R
- Contractual Obligation
Crowley showed an angel how to dance, and Aziraphale showed a demon how to deal. Aziraphale/Supernatural!Crowley, PG13
- Easy
Adam's matchmaking attempts don't quite go as intended. Aziraphale/Crowley, slightly implied Adam Aziraphale/Crowley, PG
- Let Me In and Don't Let Go
Crossover with Supernatural; Castiel was not alone when he washed up far away from America. Aziraphale/Castiel, Aziraphale/Crowley, Castiel/Crowley by proxy, NC17
- Material Things
Christmas time; mistletoe and wine. No pairings, G
- My Fluffy Nemesis, We Meet Again
Crossover with Supernatural; Gabriel seeks refuge in Aziraphale's home after fleeing Heaven, and Crowley is absolutely not jealous. Aziraphale/Crowley, PG13
- Moving in Circles
Crowley's life in Sodom was going quite nicely until Aziraphale's cousins visited. No pairings, PG
- Of Coffee and Sadism
Just a conversation in a coffee shop. Crowley/Aziraphale, PG13
- Reflections on Retirement
When you're a new eternal, it's hard to sync up with the world. Crowley/Pollution, PG13
- Tension, Terror and Tedium
Multi-fandom fic. Crowley/Pollution, references to Crowley/Aziraphale, PG13
- The Best Things Come In Threes
It's the end of the world as they know it, and Crowley has to rush through his bucket list. Aziraphale/Crowley, Crowley/Pollution/Famine, R
- Three Visitors
Sometimes being an eternal isn't as much fun as it's cracked up to be. Mild Pollution/Crowley and Crowley/Aziraphale, PG

- A Very Bad Idea
Short, smutty, a clockwork nazi and his fish boy in love. Abe Sapien/Kroenen, NC17
- Chords and Melodies
Whoever said everyday had to mean ordinary? Johann Krauss/Abe Sapien, references to Hellboy/Liz, NC17
- Making Adjustments
Sometimes everything starts to make sense. Nuala/Abe, Johann/Abe, Hellboy/Liz, PG

- And I'm Falling
"Five Years Later" - Peter knows that isn't his brother; Hiro knows what Peter is without Nathan. Past Ando/Hiro, some Nathan/Peter references, PG13
- Coping
Watching from the bedside chair. Nathan/Peter, R
- Truth
Sometimes Peter just wants to be Peter. Nathan/Peter, NC17

I, Robot
- Replacements
Just a quick POV snippet after Spooner wakes up with his new arm for the first time. No pairings, PG

Kingdom Hearts
- Definitions
They like watching him play. Axel/Demyx, Axel/Roxas, NC17
- Instead Of What The Books Say part one, part two
Who'd want a normal life anyway? Axel/Roxas, NC17
- Learning to Share
It's weird, like any three-way relationship should be. Axel/Sora, Axel/Roxas, NC17
- Twists and Turns
Crossover with Final Fantasy VII. In which Reno bumps into his videogaming twin and steals all the best lines. Axel/Reno, references to Axel/Roxas and Rude/Reno, NC17
- Worse Things Happen At Sea
Crossover with Final Fantasy VII and Pirates of the Caribbean. Hell and high water was a literal expression, or so it seemed. Cid/Vincent, R

Legacy of Kain
- A Change of Pace
An alternate take on Janos' return to the Cabal in Blood Omen 2. Kain/Janos/Vorador, NC17
- Barely a Few Minutes
Kain/Raziel, PG
- Black and White
It's a game neither of them can win. Vorador/Janos, PG13
- Burning Lights
Written for the Springkink prompt: Legacy of Kain, Kain/Sarafan Raziel: possession - "You will always be mine". Kain/Sarafan Raziel, R
- Caught Between Sky and Earth
Losing faith was never going to be easy. Janos/Vorador, NC17
- Doing One's Duty
Domesticity isn't all it's cracked up to be. Janos/Vorador, PG13
- Eels
Rahab/Dumah, NC17
- Elementals
Vorador/Janos, PG13
- End of the War
Marius/Sebastian, Sebastian/Faustus, PG13
- Floods and Draughts
A quiet night, and Vorador watches his sire take flight. Vorador/Janos, PG13
- Getting in the Way
Four times Janos' wings got in the way, and one time they didn't. Vorador/Janos, R
- I'd Rip Your Throat Out First
Zephon/Rahab, R
- In A Heartbeat
Hylden Lord/Janos, references to Vorador/Janos, PG
- I Never
Final Fantasy VII/Legacy of Kain crossover. What do you do when the first challenge you've had in your life comes from a black and blue monster? Janos/Sephiroth, R
- Not Quite
Moebius, Mortanius, and the rebellion against the vampires. Mortanius/Moebius, PG
- Patience
Wraith Raziel/Janos, PG13
- Perfect Timing
Sebastian/Faustus, NC17
- Radiance
Raziel/Janos, PG13
- Random Element
No pairings, PG13
- Reborn
William/Janos, PG13
- Remnants
Vorador might have dreamt of Janos' return a thousand times before, but it's still a shock when it happens. Janos/Vorador, PG13
- Secret-Keeper
Vorador/Janos, R
- Shadows
Vorador/Janos, PG
- Shrill
The lieutenants' bonds were broken long before Raziel was thrown into the abyss. Dumah/Rahab, NC17
- Talents
Raziel/Janos, NC17
- Tethered
Melchiah/Raziel, NC17
- The Other Side of the Abyss
Rahab/OMC, OMC/OFC, PG13
- To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
Raziel/Janos, PG13
- Vice and Vice Versa
Hylden Lord/Janos, R
- What Was Swept Away
Written for the Springkink prompt: Vorador/Janos: Loneliness, Lost, Wingplay. – "Odd as it seemed, they were almost the same age." Vorador/Janos, NC17
- Where We Fall
Written for NaNoWriMo 2007; Janos' story, through the creation of the Pillars and the human rebellion. Vorador/Janos, NC17
- X
Kain/Raziel, NC17
- Zeal
Rahab/Zephon, PG

- Dusk
Gabriel musing on the changing times in Heaven. Gabriel/Michael, PG
- I Will Leave You With Bruises
Crossover with Supernatural: Only archangels are truly unreadable. Gabriel/Castiel, NC17
- Penance
The dogs of Heaven are well trained. Michael/Gabriel, NC17
- What it is to Feel
Nearly every angel needs something they shouldn't. Gabriel/Michael, R

Lord of the Rings
- Smooth
Lothlorien seems to breed strangeness. Legolas/Boromir, R

Lost Souls
- Breathtaking
Steve and Ghost finally get their happy ending. Ghost/Steve, NC17
- Everyday Objects
Ghost/Steve, PG13
- Tension, Terror and Tedium
Multi-fandom fic. Ghost/Steve, PG13

Lucky Number Slevin
- It Comes With Practise
References to Mr Goodkat/Slevin, PG13

Marvel RPF
- Compelling
Jeremy gets curious about Tom's whip; Tom offers to demonstrate. Jeremy Renner/Tom Hiddleston, NC17
- Here's to you, Mr Hiddleston
Michael gatecrashes a Thor cast party and finds himself somewhat smitten with the ethereal being he finds there. Michael Fassbender/Tom Hiddleston, NC17
- White Flag
Pure PWP - Tom likes how Chris looks when tied up. Chris Hemsworth/Tom Hiddleston, NC17

Metal Gear Solid
- A Little Tenderness
He'll take any break he can get these days. Snake/Otacon, PG
- Reasons to be Concerned
Snake/Otacon, PG13
- Retirement
Settling down is easier than it seems. Snake/Otacon, PG13

Monkey Island
- A Tale of Two Dread Pirate Zombie Captains
Crossover with Pirates of the Caribbean. References to Guybrush/Elaine, Jack/Anamaria, PG

Persona 3
- Answers
Written for the Springkink prompt - Persona 3: Minato/Akinari, romance, "forever is out of reach so let's take this moment". Minato/Akinari, NC17
- Fitting In
Written for the Springkink prompt: Persona 3, Junpei/Main character: First times - Giggle-fits were not what he had expected, at all. Junpei/Minato, R
- No Need To Ask
Written for the Springkink prompt: Akihiko/Shinjiro: Comfort - Sometimes you had to wonder which one needed to be held the most. Akihiko/Shinjiro, PG13
- Something That Doesn't Hurt
Written for the Springkink prompt: Persona 3: Shinjiro/Junpei; back alleys - "It's packed at 2AM, I've got no coat/Are you on your own?/I'm into you/When are you going home?/Get into me" Shinjiro/Junpei, NC17

Petshop of Horrors
- Role Reversal
"Have you ever been out in the woods, detective?". Leon/D, PG

Pirates of the Caribbean
- A Tale of Two Dread Pirate Zombie Captains
Crossover with Monkey Island. References to Guybrush/Elaine, Jack/Anamaria, PG
- Rogues and Witticisms
Jack/Anamaria, PG
- Worse Things Happen At Sea
Crossover with Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts. Hell and high water was a literal expression, or so it seemed. Cid/Vincent, R

Queen of the Damned
- Temptation
Marius/David, PG

Seconds Apart
- Finale
The twins had always done everything together, and dying wasn't going to change that. Seth/Jonah, R

Shadow of Memories
- The Fine Print
Homunculus/Eike, PG

- Bad Behaviour
Hurt/comfort doesn't work when your patient is a genius and a child. John and Sherlock, suggested John/Sherlock, PG
- Hush
Having John Watson as a flatmate isn't quite a stroke of luck. Sherlock/John, PG-13
- Triptych
Talent instantly recognises genius; Sherlock never had a monopoly on intelligence. Sherlock/John, Sally Donovan, Lestrade, PG

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
- A Flirt with the Wild Side
Finally getting what was desired all along. Futomimi/Naoki, R
- Belonging
Demi-Fiend/Collector Manikin, PG
- Chasing Life
He's just looking for something new. Demi-Fiend/Sakahagi, R
- Ebb and Flow
All elements have their strengths and weaknesses; Futomimi longs for water's. The Collector/Futomimi, PG
- Freedom From Disturbance
Crossover with Devil May Cry. Dante brings a present home for Vergil. Naoki/Vergil/Dante, NC17
- Not an Afterglow Sort of Guy
Dante being a smartass, and Futomimi having none of it. Dante/Futomimi, PG13
- Rediscovery
There's nothing wrong about enjoying the time you're given. Collector Manikin/Futomimi, R
- Sensitivity
It was easy to forget how to be sympathetic. Dante/Futomimi, Naoki/Futomimi, PG

Silent Hill
- Amusement
No pairings, R
- Fear of the Dark
They might have stopped chasing him, but Harry was still haunted by monsters. No pairings, PG
- Immortality
Claudia/Heather, NC17
- Omnipotent Fury
Alessa/Claudia, PG
- Pray
No pairings, PG
- Testing the Waters
Alessa/Claudia, NC17
- Tranquility
Harry/James, PG13
- Untitled
James/Mary, PG
- Waiting
Pyramid Head/Mannequin/Pyramid Head, PG13

Star Wars
- Never Meant To Be
A little alternate scene in which their hands had touched. Anakin/Obi-Wan, PG13

Stargate: Atlantis
- A Quick Guide to Group Cohesion
"Different strokes for different folks" doesn't just apply to people on Earth; it applies on a universal scale. Mostly gen teamfic, some John/Rodney, PG13
- A Slight Misunderstanding
Instinct isn't always as accurate as it's made out to be. Michael/Carson, PG
- Enigma
After the events of Sateda, John needs to vent a little frustration. Ronon/John, R
- Horizons
This much was predictable, even if John wasn't. Todd/John, R
- Not Exactly Mystique
In which John likes shiny new things, especially if they're bouncy and attached to Rodney's chest. John/Rodney, NC17
- Once More With Feeling (It's Not Enough To Be A Genius Remix)
Rodney doesn't know what to do with failure. John/Rodney, R

- Adaptation
Making decisions and learning to compromise; being human isn't easy. Michael/Castiel, NC17
- All The Things I Know Right Now
Castiel, Dean, and the morning after the end of the world that wasn't. Dean/Castiel, unrequited Balthazar/Castiel, PG13
- And All That's In Between
Mobster AU; Sam liked to do things his own way, and so did Castiel. Sam, Castiel and Dean (gen), PG13
- And They All Lived Happily Ever After
It would be easier if they weren't ten inches tall. Dean/Sam, PG13
- Are You Holding Back?
In which Dean is a jerk, Castiel is a 14 year old girl, and Sam is bemused. Sam/Castiel, PG13
- Been Here Forever
Of hunting down lust demons and the inevitable results. Dean/Castiel, NC17
- Beside Me Today
Dean's used to losing everything he wants. Dean/Castiel, NC17
- Boundaries and Lack Thereof
The end of the world had its perks for Crowley; the months after it had even more. Crowley/Castiel/Dean, NC17
- Broken Thread
Lucifer had not been imprisoned in one form alone. Sam/Lucifer, PG13
- Chrysalis
Sam puts Hell back behind the wall, where it belongs. Sam/Hell!Sam, NC17
- Come They Told Me
A mission need not be great to have meaning. Uriel/Castiel, PG
- Disappeared in its Depths
Wearing a vessel as God had involved more than owning a body, and there had always been multiple occupants. Castiel and Jimmy, PG
- Doing Whatever a Cannibal Can
Crossover with Digital Devil Saga. Dean/Heat, some mild Dean/Sam, references to Heat/Serph, Heat/Sera and one-sided Dean/Argilla, R
- Drive Safely
AU of 5x03 wherein Jo is the Righteous Man, it's Castiel's last night on Earth (again), and Dean is a hooker. Dean/Castiel, NC17
- Exodus
Uriel had always been loyal to the people who mattered. Uriel/Castiel, R
- Faith, Hope and Charity
Castiel watches, and is willing to wait. Sam/Castiel, PG13
- Giving Away Control
Castiel needed orders to be happy, and Sam was willing to supply them. Sam/Castiel, R
- God Broke the Mold When He Made You
After finally fighting off Leviathan, Castiel chose to claim his reward. One-sided Castiel/Dean, R
- Good Intentions and Distractions
Sam wants to know what he can still feel; Castiel attempts to demonstrate. Sam/Castiel, NC17
- Hands-on Education
Human!Castiel AU. The Winchesters' father is a drunk but they get by on what they do have - brains, brawn, and people who love them. Castiel/Dean, Castiel/Sam, NC17
- I Will Leave You With Bruises
Crossover with Legion: Only archangels are truly unreadable. Legion!Gabriel/Castiel, NC17
- I Won't Ask For More
Crossover with Twilight: Castiel can't help being intoxicating. Edward/Castiel, Carlisle/Castiel, R
- I'm Not Your Stepping Stone
Preventing Castiel's death wasn't the same thing as saving him. Lucifer/Castiel, Dean/Castiel, R
- Into The Fire
Drunken desperation; the face Sam makes when he's terrified, and there's one thing in the whole world to hold onto. Dean/Sam, NC17
- Intuition
Castiel is a little too human for Uriel's liking. Dean/Castiel, R
- Just a Slip of the Tongue
It's all a question of taste. Crowley/Castiel, PG
- Let Me In and Don't Let Go
Crossover with Good Omens; Castiel was not alone when he washed up far away from America. Aziraphale/Castiel, Aziraphale/Crowley, Castiel/Crowley by proxy, NC17
- Let Me Tell You 'bout The Birds And The Bees
Castiel's approach to romance is scarcely what you would call traditional. Dean/Castiel, PG13
- Libra
Written to finish up [livejournal.com profile] morganoconner's slavefic alternate universe; Gabriel's here to get his family back, and he'll do whatever it takes to get it. Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel, NC17
- Love Letters and Worse
Balthazar loved to tease Castiel in public; it was easier to do so in Enochian. Balthazar/Castiel, NC17
- Minutes to Midnight
Counting down to zero; it was inevitable, really. Uriel/Castiel, R
- Mission Control
Trying to find God wasn't just about looking. Dean/Castiel, PG13
- Nature and Nurture
Above all things, a demon has to keep himself occupied. Alastair/Castiel, Castiel/Dean, PG13
- Not A Question Of Deserving
As if Dean didn't have enough to worry about, now private time is a thing of the past. Castiel/Dean, NC17
- One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
Croatverse AU; Castiel never seduced Dean, he just pointed out what Dean already knew he wanted. Future!Dean/Future!Castiel, Future!Castiel/Castiel, Dean/Castiel/Future!Castiel, NC17
- One Step Out of Reach
Chuck could see the future, but he still felt he was behind everyone else. Gabriel/Chuck, references to Michael/Lucifer and Castiel/unnamed male(s), PG13
- Patience is a Virtue
They're both trapped forever; they might as well make the most of it, if they can. Michael/Lucifer, NC17
- Patience-Impatience
Daphne had found him lost and confused once before, she wasn't about to give up on him a second time. Castiel/Daphne, PG
- Possession
Uriel knows wearing a vessel can be intoxicating. Uriel/Castiel, PG
- Reflections
In which Dean's definition of 'normal' continues to be damaged, and Castiel doesn't quite grasp the concept of good books and bad books. Castiel/Dean, NC17
- Responsible Driver Required
AU; if you're rich and powerful enough you can hire an angel as a bodyguard, and after a kidnapping gone wrong leads to Sam Winchester's death, Dean Winchester's father decides she needs protecting. Dean/Castiel, NC17
- Rises and Falls
Fate has a cruel sense of humour but Dean won't let Castiel go. Dean/Castiel, NC17
- Stars Fading
Finding time to spare for the Winchesters is a struggle for Castiel, but every struggle has its rewards. Sam/Castiel, PG13
- Take Me All The Way
Castiel had seen everything about Dean, but the most appealing bits were rarely on show. Castiel/Dean, NC17
- Take What You Need and Be On Your Way
The boys take one last breather before Detroit. Sam/Dean, R
- The Answer
AU; Swapping vessels didn't change Castiel after the world ended, but sharing room with the Leviathans had. Claire!Castiel/Dean, NC17
- The Road to Nowhere Leads to Me
AU; wherein Castiel is an alien, Dean is grumpy, and the Impala's crew are protective. Dean, Castiel, gen, PG
- There's Travel Yet to Come
What Castiel wants, Castiel gets - if he can be persuaded to ask for it. Crowley/Castiel, R
- Views from the Event Horizon
Given neither had seen the other in millennia, it was of small surprise a djinn could not account for an angel's dreams. Dean/Castiel, NC17.
- We're Going Where The Sun Shines Brightly
Dean and Sam learn there are some perks to angels and their inability to communicate effectively. Dean, Sam and Castiel gen, PG13
- When Evening Falls
Decisions can make or break a friendship, but they can also be changed. Balthazar/Castiel, NC17
- Working Hard for the Money
Boy band AU: Sam keeps attracting boyfriends with musical talent, and Dean can't resist stealing one. Dean/Castiel, Sam/Castiel/Gabriel, Sam/Gabriel, R
- You Can Lead A Horse To Water
Three people who guessed before Dean and Castiel did, and one who was a little slow. Castiel/Dean, PG13

Supernatural RPF
- Sleeping Beauty
Misha provided a very specific service for his clients, and while they did get happy endings, he didn't expect a fairytale one for himself. Jared Padalecki/Misha Collins, NC17
- Slip, Slide, Push and Pull
Character bleed had interesting side-effects, with or without a high to assist it. Misha Collins/Sebastian Roche, NC17
- Yes
Jensen doesn't care if it's unprofessional for Jared to want him; he has opinions of his own. Jared/Jensen, R

The Covenant
- Wants and Needs
Reid's ascension was... something else. Caleb/Tyler/Reid/Pogue, NC17

The Losers
- Musical Inclinations
Cougar isn't as long-suffering as everyone seems to think; he actually prefers Jensen this way. Cougar/Jensen, PG13

The Matrix
- Synchronicity
They match each other for a reason. Twin One/Twin Two, R

- A Time For Unwinding
The Jotun have only one gender; Thor likes how Loki is no exception. Thor/Loki, NC17
- Contortions in the Dark
Nyarlathotep is Loki's father. No, really. Thor/Loki, R
- Push and Pull
Loki didn't have much of a choice about being trapped under Volstagg; thankfully, that was exactly where he wanted to be. Volstagg/Loki, NC17

Tin Man
- Judgement
There was him, and then there was him-him, and deciding between the two was always going to be difficult for Glitch. Wyatt Cain/Glitch, PG

- An Important Lesson in Definitions
Humans and robots don't quite see intimacy the same way. Sam/Bee, Ironhide/Ratchet/Bee, references to Optimus/Bee, PG13
- Communication
Sam's best friend is a robot; his parents don't exactly approve. Sam/Mikaela, Sam/Bee, PG
- If We Could Just Speak Quietly
Sideswipe broke the news, Optimus blamed himself for the news, and Bumblebee helped Ratchet to cope with it. Ironhide/Ratchet, PG
- Rushing
There’s not enough room in Frenzy for second thoughts. Barricade/Frenzy, references to Blackout/Barricade, R
- Stumble Upon
Bumblebee doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. Ironhide/Ratchet, PG

- Lucky
Sometimes things do work out for the best. Wolfwood/Vash/Milly, PG13
- The Best Policy
Wolfwood can't help noticing Vash is way too nice for his own good. Wolfwood/Vash, PG13

- I Won't Ask For More
Crossover with Supernatural: Castiel can't help being intoxicating. Edward/Castiel, Carlisle/Castiel, R.
- The Doctor Is In
Not seeing enough of Carlisle at home, Esme decides to take matters into her own hands. Carlisle/Esme, NC17
- Your Yearning
Telepathy takes some getting used to. Carlisle/Edward, NC17

Vampire Chronicles
- Jaded and Satisfied
In which bitterness is aired and a near comfortable stalemate reached. Armand/Daniel, PG

- A Sign Of Things To Come
Unrequited love hurts. Kael/Jaina, PG
- Descriptions
They each miss normality to a certain extent. Illidan Kael, references to Kael/Jaina PG
- Focus
Illidan and Kael; reference to past unrequited Illidan/Tyrande, PG
- Showmanship
Young love in more than one form. Illidan/Tyrande, Malfurion/Tyrande, PG
- Testing the Waters
Kael investigates how far his connection with Illidan might go. Illidan/Kael, PG13
- Trapped
You can't exactly blame Illidan for feeling claustrophobic. Illidan/Kael, PG
- What You Weren't Allowed
The lord of the damned is an unsurprisingly disturbed person; the lord of the survivors scarcely fares better. Arthas/Kael, Illidan/Kael, NC17

Yami no Matsuei
- Chocolatey Goodness
Fluff, fluff and more Christmassy fluff. Hisoka/Tsuzuki: PG
- Material Attachments
Someone is far, far too attached to his latest acquisition. Watari/Tatsumi: R
- Something Worth Keeping (The Aquatic Remix)
Someone else's story told with a non-feline twist. Hisoka/Tsuzuki, references to Watari/Tatsumi: PG13
- Tension, Terror and Tedium
Multi-fandom fic. Colleagues at the end of everything. Hisoka/Tsuzuki, references to Watari/Tatsumi: PG13

In addition to fics, short stories, snippets and drabbles can also be found here: http://delicious.com/emeraldembers/


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