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Just a short currently untitled something for Gretchen <3

Untitled fluffy Blacksand lazy morning sex. JUST BECAUSE. (and it’s Crime Lord Husbands because they are the fluffiest flufferbutts to ever fluff in that AU and I adore them)


Sandy wasn’t really sure what woke him first - whether it was the gentle kisses to his shoulder and cool fingers stroking up and down his arm, or the patter of rain against the tent roof and occasional thuds as pine cones were knocked free from the trees surrounding them - but it was a good wake-up, comfortable and easy. Kozmotis smiled against his shoulder, kissed it again before pulling back as Sandy turned over to face him.

“Sleep well?” Kozmotis asked, and Sandy let out a quiet, pleased hum, wrapping an arm around Kozmotis’ waist and leaning into him, lending his generous body heat to make up for Kozmotis’ lack of it. Clouds had made the previous night a touch cold and damp, but the rainfall was clearing away that humidity, made the morning air feel fresher, if still cool.

Sandy knew camping was better for anonymity than staying in hotels or using a camper van, anything that required credit cards or a license plate, but he wasn’t a convert. Kozmotis had promised they were less than two days walk from his cabin though, and he was willing to make do at the promise of more comfort in the future.

There wasn’t a chance of him leaving the tent to pack it away while the rain fell though, and his stomach was thinking fondly about breakfast, even if climbing off the airbed felt like too much of an effort. Kozmotis’ features were tempting even in the half-light of morning filtered through canvas, and Sandy opted to preoccupy himself with them instead, seeing as they were within easier reach than cereal and milk. He knew their look off by heart, but each time he kissed them he felt like he was learning something new - and, in all likelihood, he was. He’d always been interested in the nervous system, if not for the same reasons Kozmotis took an interest, and he knew how sensitive lips were, how they could pick up on such slight changes in texture and temperature.

Sandy mapped out Kozmotis’ forehead with kisses, then his eyebrows, each eyelid, before pressing a firm, playful kiss to the tip of Kozmotis’ nose.

“Are you quite done?” Kozmotis said, laughter in his tone if not yet on his lips, and Sandy grinned in response before hooking a leg around Kozmotis and rolling on top of him.

It was a bit too chilly to leave their covers behind, so Sandy reached back, tugged the covers up and around his shoulders before settling on top of Kozmotis, belly to belly, his chin resting on Kozmotis’ chest. Freeing his hands up properly for sign language would have cost warmth, so he opted instead to tap and stroke morse code against Kozmotis’ hip. “Beautiful.”

Kozmotis laughed, running his own hands up and down Sandy’s sides. “Look who’s talking.”

Not me,” Sandy tapped, and smirked instead of completing the joke with words. “How long rain?

“Weather report said wet spells, so it shouldn’t be more than an hour. We made good time yesterday, we can afford to lose it.” Kozmotis leaned up, stole an awkwardly angled, uncomfortable kiss from Sandy, and Sandy took pity, moved so they could kiss easier. Kozmotis wasn’t as comfortable as an airbed, but he was warming up, and Sandy liked running fingers through his hair, feeling the slight sheen of two days without a proper shower.

Kozmotis didn’t like to get too dirty, but Sandy wasn’t concerned as long as they still had a chance to use their toothbrushes. If he was honest with himself, he actually found it sexy; he’d first met Kozmotis when both of them were sweating and breathing heavily, though only one of them was covered in his own blood, and anything reminding him of that first meeting was welcome.

The kissing had turned hungry, though Kozmotis was keeping his hands on Sandy’s waist, not dipping any lower. Sandy nipped at Kozmotis’ lip, knowing the difference between idle holding and pretending to be idle, mostly because Kozmotis always squeezed tighter when he wanted more.

Sandy freed his hands. “You’re a terrible actor.”

“You’re a terrible influence,” Kozmotis countered, and Sandy kissed him again, not really wanting to move.

He settled for moving as little as possible, straddling one of Kozmotis’ thighs instead of his hips before leaning back over so he could stroke Kozmotis’ cock without having to interrupt their kisses. He wasn’t particularly hard himself, but he loved seeing Kozmotis flustered, loved that he was probably the only person in the world who had that privilege.

Kozmotis really was beautiful, like a well-made dagger, sharp and dangerous where it mattered, shining and glittering where it didn’t. He’d never seen eyes like Kozmotis’ anywhere else, and liked to think he never would.

Even if he couldn’t offer Kozmotis speech, there were still sounds that didn’t require a tongue to shape them, and as Kozmotis started to shift beneath him, tensing and fidgeting, Sandy gave him those sounds as encouragement. He didn’t need to be on the edge of orgasm to want to moan for Kozmotis, to breathe heavily along with him, to echo his louder cries with quiet pleading ones.

Kozmotis’ eyes drifted shut soon enough, sounds dying out in favour of a bitten lip and a hand clenched tight in Sandy’s hair, control surrendered entirely. There was nothing sudden about his orgasm - Sandy brought it to him with familiar, well-practiced gestures, knowing what Kozmotis liked and when, and they both knew when to reach for a previously worn t-shirt, draping it loosely over Kozmotis’ stomach.

Sandy wrapped his free hand around Kozmotis’ hip and squeezed, part of the silent language they had developed for moments like this, and Kozmotis arched up, coming over Sandy’s fingers and the t-shirt on his stomach, mouth open wide but no sound coming from it save the occasional gasp for air.

Sandy mopped up the mess quickly with the t-shirt before giving Kozmotis’ cock a few more gentle strokes, just affectionate and lazy touches as a means to be possessive.

Kozmotis wrapped both arms around Sandy’s waist, pulled him close again, the heat between them all the warmer for the recent exertion, and the continuing rain outside a perfect excuse for remaining huddled together.

“I love you,” Kozmotis muttered into Sandy’s hair, and Sandy smiled, his own arms draped loosely at Kozmotis’ sides.

He didn’t need to tap out a reply. They both knew the answer anyway.
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