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Because a certain someone (*cough* [livejournal.com profile] devilsduplicity *cough*) tagged me.
1.) Turn your iTunes (or whatever music player you use) and set it to shuffle
2.) For each of the first ten songs that plays, write the first thing that comes to mind.
3.) When the song switches over, you have to start writing something new.
4.) Post the resulting drabble-y bits in your journal, with the titles of each song you ended up using.
5.) Tag three people to do the same!

1. Clocks - Supernatural, Castiel-centric gen )

2. Everloving - Supernatural, light Dean/Castiel )

3. Dark - Sherlock, John/Sherlock )

4. Author Unknown - Digital Devil Saga, Heat-centric gen )

5. Love Song - Sherlock, John + Sherlock gen )

6. Inertia Creeps - Supernatural, Crowley/Castiel )

7. Drowned Abbey - Devil May Cry, Dante/Vergil )

8. Dream is Collapsing - Inception, Eames/Arthur )

9. Wounded Warsong - Silent Hill, light Alessa/Claudia )

10. Alessa's Darkness And Rose Become One - Supernatural, Dean/Castiel )
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Title: Mimic
Fandom: Devil May Cry
Pairing: Dante/Vergil
Rating: R for slash
Originally from: Over here!

Mimic )

Title: Forgetting to Listen
Fandom: Terminator Salvation
Pairing: Kyle Reese/Marcus Wright
Rating: PG12 for slash
Originally from: Here.

Forgetting to Listen )


Jun. 15th, 2009 12:32 pm
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Okay, ignoring work, where if I'd got monitored on any calls I would have failed like haha oh wow because I sucked today at the call welcome as I was half asleep.


Accomplishments of the day:

HOORAY I GOT THE SPRINGKINK FIC DONE ON TIME - Worse Things Happen At Sea, R, Cid/Vincent

And a kink meme snippet for [personal profile] jlsigman - Untitled, R, Trish/Lady

Aaaaaand a kink meme snippet for anonymous - DEAN/CASTIEL AND TODD THE WRAITH/SAM, MOTHERFUCKERS, so spread that on YOUR toast and eat it!

And and and and and GUYS, GUYS, [community profile] comment_fic, HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS COMM, OH MY GOD, IT IS EPIC AND I WANT Y'ALL ON IT LIKE WHITE ON RICE.
- SPN, Dean/Sam, blood letting
- Doctor Who, The Master/Jack, bondage

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Okay, so, Misha Collins, our darling angel Castiel in Supernatural, who BUILT HIS OWN HOUSE, I've just been flicking through some more interviews with him, and OH GOD I NEED TO MARRY THIS MAN.

I mean, not only is he someone who BUILT HIS OWN HOUSE, a fact which cannot be stated in anything other than capslock because DUDES, BUILT HIS OWN HOUSE, but he is one smart mofo; he's someone who slips expressions into everyday conversation like "verifiable empirical evidence". He uses BIG WORDS, and when he's talking, he repeats the theme of what he's said two or three times which means I'd actually be able to hold COHERENT CONVERSATIONS WITH HIM IRL, something I'm often tragically incapable of because SCREW YOU DYSPRAXIA, and, and, omg. Oh, yes, and he's a practising Buddhist, and Buddhism and agnosticism are the only two non-Christian religious identities I'd still feel comfortable popping out babies with, because you can be friends with anyone but if you and someone else are going to be heavily responsible for someone's initial religious beliefs you can't have epically conflicting views. And many of Buddhism's aspects reflect my personal worldview more efficiently than even some branches of Christianity.



Ooh, and while I remember, [personal profile] jlsigman? Because I completely suck and because I need to get the other Springkink fics out of the way asap and because I know the lesbian pirates are owed to you, I've decided I'm just going to post the belated fic on here as soon as I'm done with it instead of doing a rushed job on it in Springkink because YOU DESERVE BETTER. However, to make up for it, in the meantime feel free to comment with any Devil May Cry pairing and I'll scribble a drabble or snippet for you pronto by way of apology. *sucks so hardcore, aaaaaaaaaaaaah*
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I might maybe possibly have had a fit of "I am bored and my housemates are being mean :(" last night, and during this, I might maybe possibly have done that "Do drabbles for the five fics you'd be ashamed to write for anything but a meme" thing, and... yeah. Special hell. Very special hell indeed.

So not proofread, and not one worksafe fic amongst the bunch. Enjoy!

Supermajorspoilers for Digital Devil Saga 2. Hermaphroditism again. Oh dear. Spoilerific pairing to boot. )

Dungeons & Dragons the Cartoon fic with Shadow Demon/Venger smut references. BURNINATING YOUR CHILDHOODS LULZ. )

Devil May Cry tentacle fic. Griffon/Damien )

Prison Break fic. Older brother/younger brother incest and for a TV show fandom? Omg. Lincoln/Michael, oh dear. )

Illidan/Kael/Lady Vashj. Ahhaha. )

*leaps athletically into the handbasket to Hell*

ETA: You know you've been in the House fandom too often when you get asked to do a neuro-fuzzy simulator for a hospital and all you can think of is "If the patient has pie, test positive for lemon meringue and/or AIDS." And also, "It might be Lupus".

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By Emerald Embers
Rated PG for mild yaoi and some dark themes.
Fandom: Devil May Cry
Pairing: Griffon/Damien (Nightmare)
Non-profit fanfiction, please don’t sue.

Internal )
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Freedom From Disturbance
By Emerald Embers
Rated NC-17 for yaoi
Fandom: Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne / Devil May Cry
Triaging: Dante/Hitoshura/Vergil
Non-profit fanfiction, please don't sue.
Warnings: Twincest, PWP, dark themes
Notes: As you may have guessed from the pairing, I've gone for the rather popular fandom-assigned name of 'Hitoshura' for the main character of Nocturne, though being a tricksy beggar I’ve shortened it to Shura. Also, for the record, Ataraxia isn't a real life condition; I just liked the sound of it in Lucky Number Slevin.

Freedom From Disturbance )
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*dies* *revives* *shakes fist at the sky* *dies again*

It's technically still 06/06/06 in parts of the world, damnit, so I'm posting XD.

Tension, Terror and Tedium
By Emerald Embers
Rated PG-12 for yaoi, bad language, and dark themes
Non-profit fanfiction
Fandoms: Lost Souls, Yami no Matsuei, 28 Days Later, Good Omens, Doctor Who, Devil May Cry
Notes: Six little apocalyptic ficlets to celebrate 06/06/06 in amusingly morbid fashion. 13 pages in Word as well, it’s a sign! Stories have been placed in chronological order; bonus points to anyone who’s actually familiar with all six fandoms! Some allusions to Lucifer's Call/Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, but nothing to worry about if you don't know that particular game.

1. Lost Souls )

2. Yami no Matsuei )

3. 28 Days Later )

4. Good Omens )

5. Doctor Who )

6. Devil May Cry )

Fic :)

Jan. 18th, 2006 05:22 am
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A Certain Type of Man
Rated R
Warnings: Incest, yaoi, alcohol abuse
Non-profit fanfiction
Dedicated: to [personal profile] lipstickcat for being a patient and wonderful woman.
Notes: I apologise for any mistakes given the expanded canon universe, but I’m limited in knowledge to the first and third games (and about thirty minutes of the second), and the three comics.

The funny thing is, I think Vergil won’t bother you guys as much as he did me. )
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For [livejournal.com profile] nyxmidnight
130 words
PG-12 for language and yaoi
AUish, in which DMC1's Vergil gets a happier ending.

Mirrors )

Filthy Boy
For [livejournal.com profile] lipstickcat
150 words
PG-12 for language, nudity, and blatantly suggested yaoi

Naughty, naughty )

To Burn
For [livejournal.com profile] _sparklegirl
155 words
PG for age-gap kissing
Also, apologies for giving Remus catholic guilt on top of everything else he's already bloody suffering.

Stillness )
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Out of the Ordinary
Rating: PG-12 for violent and het.
Pairing: Sparda/Eva
Fandom: Devil May Cry
Disclaimer: Non-profit fanfiction.
Warning: Fluff!
Dedicated: to [livejournal.com profile] nyxmidnight.

Love at first sight )


Dec. 6th, 2004 11:40 pm
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Rating: PG for mild yaoi
Pairing: Griffon/Damien, implied Virgil/Damien
Fandom: Devil May Cry
Disclaimer: Non-profit fanfiction

Snowfall on Mallet )
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Five Things That Never Happened to Nightmare
Rating: PG-12 for yaoi and het
Warnings: Crossdressing and mild incest
Pairings: Griffon/Damien, Griffon/Ariel, Virgil/Damien, Virgil/Dante
Fandom: Devil May Cry
Disclaimer: I don't own Devil May Cry or its characters, and I'm making no money off this fic. However, Nightmare's personality and human name belong to me.
Notes: For those who don't know already, Damien is Nightmare's humanised form, and is loosely based in appearance off a picture on Snake Heart. Also, it'll explain a lot of things if I mention here that Damien can make adjustments to his appearance courtesy of the fact he's not got a proper 'set' form; Nightmare was the important side, his human side is malleable. Ariel is an AU female version of Damien.

Five things that never happened to Nightmare (with my apologies to fangirls everywhere) )


Jan. 19th, 2004 09:20 am
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Rating: R for yaoi
Pairing: Humanised Griffon / Humanised Nightmare (Damien)
Fandom: Devil May Cry
Disclaimer: Non-profit fan-fiction. Griffon and Nightmare belong to Capcom, designers of the gameplay wonder that is Devil May Cry, but Nightmare's personality and human name belongs to me.
Notes: If you can't picture what humanised Nightmare and Griffon might look like, my own ideas are roughly based off pictures to be found on this site's DMC section. I strongly recommend you visit the site regardless of this fic anyway. Her Dante is lush (and her Trish, if you're fonder of the fairer gender).

About teaching... )


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