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Time to start catching up on comments again, and writing the Supernatural alien AU :). And I remembered to wear a cleavage-flashy outfit today (and leg-flashy, SHOCKER) for #boobquake. It would appear I caused no earthquakes, though one of the lads at work did very sweetly say I looked delicious <3. But first, a round-up from that Five Acts meme :D! I think I wrote, like, five new pairings for this. SO MUCH FUN.

Good Omens
- Aziraphale/Crowley, kinks: Fingerporn, not completely human, rated NC17

Legacy of Kain
- Raziel/Melchiah, kink: Insanity, rated PG

- Michael/Gabriel, kinks: Claiming, blowjobs, rated NC17

Pirates of the Caribbean
- Anamaria/Jack, kink: Clothes still/partially on, rated R

Stargate: Atlantis
- John/Rodney, kink: Aliens made them do it, rated NC17
- Todd and John, kink: Voyeurism (no porn), rated PG

- Crowley/Castiel, kink: Hot spots, rated R
- Dean/Castiel, kink: Somebody’s cracking or broken, husky, low or throaty voice, rated R
- Dean/Castiel, kink: Drugged sex, rated R
- Dean/Crowley/Castiel, kink: Double penetration, rated NC17
- Dean/Sam, kink: Two people in a shower or bath, one naked, one clothed, rated PG13.
- Dean/Sam, kink: Crossdressing, hurt/comfort, rated NC17
- Lucifer/Gabriel, kink: First times, rated PG13
- Michael!Dean/Castiel, kink: Kissing, rated PG
- Sam/Castiel, kink: Kissing, rated PG
- Sam/Dean/Castiel, kinks: Threesomes, magic made them do it, rated NC17
- Sam/Lucifer, kink: Breath, rated NC17

Terminator: Salvation
- Marcus/Kyle, kink: Foot fetishisation, rated PG

- Carlisle/Edward, kink: Double penetration, rated NC17

X-Men (movieverse)
- Storm/Nightcrawler, kink: First times, rated R
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Rogues and Witticisms
By Emerald Embers
Rated PG for bad language and mild het
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Anamaria/Captain Jack Sparrow
Non-profit fanfiction, please don’t sue.

Rogues and Witticisms )
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A Tale of Two Dread Pirate Zombie Captains
Rating: PG – mild bad language
Pairings: Will/Elizabeth, implied Jack/Anamarie, implied Guybrush/Elaine.
Fandom: Monkey Island / Pirates of the Caribbean
Disclaimer: Non-profit fanfiction
Notes: I’ve moved PotC events into the MI world, for the most part, so anachronisms and historical inaccuracy are ahoy! Also, I’ve not played EMI yet, as come on, it’s not point and click :(. I also ought to warn you that if you know nothing about the games, some bits will make about as much sense as a salmon serenading a giraffe in Japanese.

Four to go and I'm done! )


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