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Title: Slip, Slide, Push and Pull
Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Pairing: Misha/Sebastian Roche
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 1598
Summary: Character bleed had interesting side-effects, with or without a high to assist it.
Author's Notes: Originally written for blindfold_spn for the request Misha/Sebastian, sharing a joint.

Vicki had established her thoughts on polyamory early enough in their relationship; Misha was to let her know who else he indulged with, make sure they were clean if he went further than hand-jobs, and only bring them home if they could hold a decent conversation.

Sebastian, thankfully, was more than open to the idea. He had sailed often enough to have his own rules about having a woman - or man - in every port, and he'd pretty much borrowed them straight off the BDSM community. Clean, safe, consensual.

Although Misha enjoyed working with Jensen and adored Jared's sense of humour, he had clicked with Sebastian the moment he walked into Sebastian's trailer to ask if he was up for smoking a joint together, and found Sebastian rolling one of his own. Sebastian was the sort of person who kept things exciting, in part because he seemed to have unlimited energy, but mostly because he just kept you guessing. Misha liked to think of himself as unpredictable, but he often felt as if he was predictably unpredictable. Sebastian was just Sebastian, living his life exactly as he wished to, and loud and proud with it.

Fake-kissing on stage had been entertaining, but there had been a moment when Sebastian caught Misha's eyes during it that said what if?

Misha wasn't willing to risk his career on a what if in public, but when Sebastian barged into his room, breath sweet with alcohol but no worse for wear despite it, the question from the stage still hung in the air.

Misha nodded for Sebastian to shut - and, more importantly, lock - the door, before shifting to give Sebastian space on the bed and lighting up one of the three joints he had rolled. Whether they would want all three was debatable, but Misha liked to be prepared, and the more stoned they were, the less likely they would be bothered to roll further joints.

Misha wasn't entirely certain whether Sebastian was watching him or the joint, but Sebastian's attention seemed divided anyway as he kicked off his shoes and socks to join Misha on the bed, talking all the while about his latest run-in with a fan.

If it had been a more interesting story Misha might have listened to it properly, but it was entertaining just to see it being told; Sebastian's hands got more and more vocal as he carried on, to the point where Misha almost didn't notice as Sebastian stole the joint from between his fingers.

"What are the chances of Koyaanisqatsi being on pay-per-view?" Sebastian asked, keeping the joint for now and gesturing to the television.

"Pretty unlikely," Misha confirmed, raising an eyebrow. "Any particular reason?"

"Eh, I'm just in the mood." Sebastian took a long drag of the joint and held the inhale long enough that Misha wondered if he'd forgotten exhaling was an important part of breathing. "Like eggs."

Misha didn't ask, just stole the joint back and enjoyed another few drags of it, a pleasant, warm buzz settling in, just enough to relax his shoulders a little. "If you're feeling brave you could see if anyone's got it on their hard drive."

"There's bravery and then there's stupidity," Sebastian said, eyes definitely on Misha's lips rather than the joint, and Misha licked them deliberately, watched Sebastian's eyes light up. "I could go for stupid."

Misha leaned over to the bedside table and stubbed out the remainder of the joint. He knew it was wasteful when it still had a good third to go, but there were still two joints left and it wasn't as if the marijuana market had collapsed along with the rest of the economy. "Is that an insu-"

Sebastian cut him off with a kiss that was far too knowing and too intimate for someone who had never kissed him before. Misha turned into it, reaching up and gripping Sebastian by the back of the head, opening his mouth to a tongue that definitely, definitely knew what it was doing.

When Sebastian broke the kiss, Misha couldn't help but frown, wanting to pull him back into another. "Balthazar," Sebastian said, eyes warm and soft. "I can't help it. I sometimes get character bleed."

"You think Balthazar's in love with Castiel?" Misha asked, brain still a little too foggy to entirely process a conversation about their characters.

"You think he isn't?" Sebastian replied, grinning. "Damn. I thought I'd made that obvious."

Misha shrugged before giving into the urge to pull Sebastian down into another kiss, learning the curves of lips that would not stop laughing even when they weren't making a sound. Sebastian felt free in a way Misha had always wanted to be - in a way that didn't require wealth beyond what made him comfortable, or hours of meditation and hard thinking. Misha deepened the kiss, tasting the corners of Sebastian's mouth and wanting to take some of that freedom for himself, sucking on Sebastian's tongue when he pulled away once more to get his breath back properly.

"What do you want?" Sebastian asked, and the question felt loaded; Misha didn't know how to answer until Sebastian's hand trailed down his back, pausing before cupping his ass. "Misha, what do you want?"

Despite best efforts not to, Misha let out a quiet gasp, tried to decide speedily what he did want. Freedom was an abstract and he didn't have lube or condoms to hand, idiot, and even then, wouldn't it be more idiotic to have sex with Sebastian then and there?

Sebastian kissed him again, giving him a moment to think without the pressure of answering, and he let a hand catch on the collar of Sebastian's t-shirt, his knuckles brushing the warm skin bared there.

Any qualms about rushing things ended with the touch of skin on skin, his lips parting from Sebastian's to gasp, and he willingly spread his legs when Sebastian moved to kneel between them.

"So?" Sebastian asked, rolling his hips down to rub his groin against Misha's, and Misha decided that wearing jeans had been a pretty shitty idea given how little he could feel through them.

"Jacking each other off sounds like a plan," Misha said, reaching down to unzip his jeans so he could shove them down along with his boxer-shorts, and Sebastian laughed before joining him in the speedy stripping.

"Very poetic," Sebastian replied, but there was nothing malicious in his tone, just teasing, and Misha threw his head back hard enough to make the headboard of the bed bang against the wall when their bared cocks rubbed against each other.

"Poets have plans too," Misha said, with no idea as to whether that actually qualified as a come-back or not, and failing to care as Sebastian ground against him again. "Actually, this - fuck, this is enough."

"A fellow frottage fan," Sebastian said, looking proud of the alliterative turn of phrase, and gripping Misha's thighs, lifting them slightly to help him make contact each time he rolled his hips.

It was lazy and warm and absolutely fucking delicious, and Misha returned the favour of Sebastian taking charge of rubbing their cocks together by sliding both hands under Sebastian's t-shirt to play with his nipples. The bitten-off "Fuck!" it drew was more of a compliment to his abilities than any thought-out sentence could be.

When Misha came it was almost without warning, as if his body had tricked him by holding out like an adult then diving head-first into orgasm like a teenager at the last minute. "Rub against my thigh," Misha ordered, sweating and breathless but still together enough to know that Sebastian's hard cock rubbing against his spent one was about to start hurting, and Sebastian muttered something not English and probably impolite before laughing and obeying him. The slick of precome against his thigh was a little unfamiliar, but not too different to the times when Vicki had settled there while she was slick, and certainly not unpleasant.

"Close," Sebastian replied, and Misha slipped one of his hands down to offer assistance that Sebastian happily took, rutting into Misha's fist quickly and sharply, proving the truth of his statement. It didn't take more than a few strokes to bring him to the edge and over, a good thing given Misha didn't have the energy in him to keep up the pumping action for long.

They would both have to wash their shirts before re-wearing them, but at least the jeans around their ankles were safe.

"Aren't you just full of surprises, Mr Collins?" Sebastian asked as he rolled off, nobly stripping off his t-shirt and using it to wipe both of them clean.

"I think you win there," Misha replied, shutting his eyes and not bothering to cover himself; the convention was paying for central heating, he might as well take advantage of being warm enough without covers for once, environmental responsibility be damned.

Sebastian laughed before settling at his side, not quite spooning against him, but one arm stretching out to lie across Misha's waist. "I definitely won something."

Misha found himself laughing in turn before biting his lip, half-opening his eyes to see if Sebastian wanted an explanation of the joke or not and finding his answer in a fake snore.

Sebastian could pretend to be disinterested, but Misha knew the thought would cross his mind at one point or another; given how the fans had reacted to his pretending to kiss Sebastian, how would they react to a real kiss?

And, more than that, how would they react to knowing about this?

Date: 2012-01-30 08:43 pm (UTC)
ext_387759: Screengrab from "Turnabout Intruder", Spock prepared to meld with Janice who is really Kirk (Balthazar SPN)
From: [identity profile] janice-lester.livejournal.com
Mmmm. Lovely.

Also, I ♥ you for that first paragraph.

Date: 2012-01-31 01:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] emerald-embers.livejournal.com
Aww, I <3 you too! But I adore Vicki, so I couldn't leave her out of the fun entirely.

It occurs to me I might have a little bit of a thing for this ship. I blame the fact they both keep molesting each other in pictures, shame on them. ;)

Date: 2012-02-02 03:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] thirstyrobot.livejournal.com
I didn't actually know I needed this, but I totally needed this. URF.

Date: 2012-02-02 03:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] emerald-embers.livejournal.com
Hee! Thank you; I didn't know I wanted it until I saw the prompt on blindfold ^^.


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