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graveformydarling asked: #6 Touch - Kieren/Simon ;)

[6 - frustrated]

Behind a cut as it’s mildly nsfw at the start.

Simon wasn’t above admitting he had a to-do list of activities in mind for when they had both regained feeling in their skin, a list that had only grown on finding out Kieren was a virgin. Some activities didn’t require an erection - there were plenty that revolved around touch alone, and some that might require the ability to heal - but enough of them did that his inability to get hard had become a frustration.

They had both tried, and God knew he had spent the better part of an hour between Kieren’s legs sucking and stroking his cock in an effort to get it interested, but without blood he might as well have been playing pool with a length of rope.

After attempts to stir Kieren’s cock proved a failure, Simon had devoted his time and attention to worshipping Kieren’s body through other means. Kieren was happy enough to stretch out and let Simon massage his legs, easing the knots out of muscles that didn’t know they were in pain. PDS resources advised to look out for limping or slouching when walking, to take care not to fall, and to wear thick layers at all times; without a fully functional nervous system it was easy to injure yourself without noticing.

Kieren’s feet were delicate and fine-boned, and it was a relief to see they hadn’t suffered any damage despite the fact Simon knew he’d been forced to run on more than one occasion. Simon pinched each toe one by one between his fingers before tickling over the base of Kieren’s foot, knowing he couldn’t really feel it, but smiling to himself anyway. He wondered if Kieren had been ticklish in life, and if he had, where his ticklish spots were.

“Having fun?” Kieren asked, and Simon laughed before moving back up the bed, tickling his fingers over the dead nerves behind Kieren’s knees, along his inner thighs, across his stomach and up his sides.

“Be better if you were squirming,” Simon said, feigning grumpiness, and Kieren grinned, bit his lip before asking,

“What if I pretended to?”

It was tempting to ask him to play along, but Simon shook his head, nudged his nose against Kieren’s before kissing him quickly, playfully. “Eh, wouldn’t want to spoil the fun for when you really can feel again.” He allowed himself a smirk, loving how Kieren’s eyes lit up in response. “I’m looking forward to acquainting myself with your nervous system.”

Kieren raised an eyebrow, but didn’t say a word; Simon appreciated that, Kieren’s efforts to rein in his biting little comments and sarcasm for Simon’s benefit.

He kissed him again, deeper this time, stealing Kieren’s breath while he still could, and stroking his fingers through Kieren’s hair, behind his ears, down his neck, all the places he couldn’t wait to feel to see if they were as soft as they looked.

“Touch my ears again,” Kieren said after a moment, and Simon nodded, pinching Kieren’s earlobes and rubbing them, and Kieren rolled his eyes before grinning. “Couldn’t be my dick, could it? Or my mouth, at least.”

Simon grinned right on back. “Sure I can think of a few things to make up for that,” he said, and leaned forward, licking around the shell of Kieren’s ear until he gasped.

“That, that really should, nn,” Kieren said, voice shaky on a sentence that didn’t emerge fully formed, and Simon resumed licking and gently nipping around Kieren’s ear, determined to make Kieren lose his words entirely.

It didn’t take long, and watching Kieren’s eyes flutter shut had Simon wishing the process of regaining feeling would hurry itself up.

If he could make Kieren nonsensical with just a bit of attention to his ear, he couldn’t wait to see what sights and sounds he could get out of Kieren once he had an entire body to play with.


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