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By Emerald Embers
Rated PG-12 for sheer and utter grossness.
Fandom: Silent Hill 2 (major spoilers)
Character: Pyramid Head
Non-profit fanfiction, please don’t sue.
Warnings: Silly fic, necrophilia, dark themes

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Fear of the Dark
By Emerald Embers
Rated PG for mild violence
Fandom: Silent Hill 1 & 3 (particularly huge spoilers for 1)
Characters: Harry, Cheryl/Alessa/Cheryl (later Heather), Lisa
Non-profit fanfiction, please don’t sue.
Warning: Dark themes

Fear of the Dark )
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Testing the Waters
Rating: NC-17 for PWP yuri
Pairing: Claudia x Alessa
Fandom: Silent Hill 3
Disclaimer: Non-profit fanfiction.
Notes: If anyone's squicked by creepy young girl sexors - run! Run like the wind!

Alessa is creepy. )
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Rating: PG-12 for general disturbedness, mild violence, and mild yaoi.
Pairing: Harry/James
Fandom: Silent Hill
Disclaimer: Non-profit fanfiction.
Notes: AU if you've played SH3 ;). Saying anything more would be kind of telling. Also, I apologise for the Most Unsatisfying Ending Ever T.M., but if I hadn't ended this thing, it was going to get seriously tedious. Bloody James. Prattling on and on and on and not having mad sexors with Harry in front of me. *sniff*. Again, this is one of those things like Omnipotent Fury that would be better if I actually had the time and patience to continue it and fill it out a bit more, but eh. Lets play safe and call it character study ^_-.

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May. 3rd, 2004 09:18 am
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Rating: NC-17 for yuri, violence, bad language and gore.
Pairing: Claudia/Heather
Fandom: Silent Hill 3
Disclaimer: Non-profit fanfiction. Please don't sue.
Warnings: Majorly dark themes, pregnancy, birth. Slightly AU. Set directly after the 'attempt to attack Claudia' scene from the SH3 ending area.
Notes: Apologies for being such a lazy-arse about getting this posted in my fic journal. I'm up the creek with uni work at the moment and a little disoriented as a result :X.

Be warned. Seriously, seriously disturbing subject matter. )
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*holds up blue-tipped fingers*


Not good >.<

However, temps_mort has FINALLY updated [WHEE etc], and I wrote a one-off bizarre Silent Hill 2 fic. For no reason. Just wrote it o_o. It's... kind of romantic, in a... odd way. Contains spoilers for the game, obv ;), and it's not been betaed yet so it's not perfect, but I think I like it this way.

read here ^_^ )

So, now that's done being nosied at, hm... yes. I miss Jane. A lot. I had a big crying fit yesterday because of it. Oh, and I made up with the guy who I nearly castrated for flashing me upon realising if I'd been as drunk as he was at the time, I'd've found it funny. And would not have attempted to remove his fertility for life.

Calmat is so boring my brains are starting to march out of my skull in protest. It's quite messy really. *clears brain slime off jacket*

Oh, and miss Raven...


You know what I'm talking about :P


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